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Allow me to re-introduce my brand! Welcome to the “The Girl With The Big Earrings pt #1” store hunt. There are 10 brand new items to be found using hints below! All items can be found @ [Earth’s]

Happy Hunting!

1. TGWTBE #1
Hint: “Earth’s established in ’10 was known as Earth’s Bangles

2. TGWTBE #2
Hint: “Defining Music is not just a ‘BE HUNTED’ hunt, its a tank

3. TGWTBE #3
Hint: “This item was made for National Hot Tea Month”

4. TGWTBE #4
Hint: “The Best Foot Forward Hunt was nominated 2x in Jan 2014 for a Huntie Award”

5. TGWTBE #5
Hint:Rules for using my vendors”

6. TGWTBE #6
Hint: “Business owner, mother & wife to Shon, also the name of a bag”

7. TGWTBE #7
Hint: “No Group space? Touch subscriber

8. TGWTBE #8
Hint: “I pride myself on being inclusive” (few items called Pride)

9. TGWTBE #9
Hint: “When organizing hunts I am hands on”

10. TGWTBE #10
Hint: “After Bangles & Earrings, I branched out to Rings

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GET THE LOOK #1: The Feel of Autumn

I draw inspiration from everything & everyone. Once in a while I feel compelled to blog & share with the SL world. Or at least those smart enough to follow my blog :) Whether the item is a freebie, hunt item or high fashion, I put time and love into each picture. I am no photographer or Photoshop expert but I do what I can simply out of love for creation.

Earth Nirvana

GET THE LOOK #1 –  (The Feel of Autumn)

Dress by Siryelle’s Dreams Fashion by Tempura Decors – “Insatiable Dress” – $400L

Shoes by Kiki Designs – “Coqueta” Heels (Black) – $100L

Necklace Set by Earth’s – “Mosh” (Pearl) – $11L  (includes bracelets)

Hair by  PM :: PurpleMoon Creations – “Dew”  w/ strings – $40L

Sitting Pose by Bounce This Poses – “Girl Sitting” –  $2L  ($0L inworld)

Standing pose by Fudge – “Lovey day for a stroll” – $0L

Backwards pose by Fudge – “Pose #2” Bonus gift – $0L

Shoe pose by [Shelle] Poses – “Shoe check”

Autumn Crates by Awesome Blossom – “AB Autumn Harvest Crates”

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2012 N-Core/Hucci Contest Entry

2012 N-Core/Hucci Contest Entry

::HH:: Hucci Skyline Dress – Steel Blue
::HH:: Hucci Noni Dress – Red

N-core Casting “Bordeaux”

Tazzel Ei Bangles

Maitreya Uma – Walnut

[H] Silver Arm Fur

Styled, Modeled, and Photographed by Earth Nirvana

Picture submitted to N-Core Hucci Contest 2012


Modeling Hucci Ladder Dress – Honeysuckle Pink and N-core’s POISON

Photography by Earth Nirvana
Model: Shon Charisma


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