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WELCOME to the “Hunt For The Bells” Hunt. A specialized hunt taking place at the Christmas  Expo & Winter Breedables Fair.  Below you will find merchants who have created some awesome items for $10L with 100% profits benefiting Relay for Life. You can pick up an NC with hunt locations@ the information station by touching hunt poster. HAPPY HUNTING!

Bell #1
True North Designs
Hint: “I just love Vintage Touring Cars!”

Bell #2
Freya’s Finest Jewels
Hint: “Where else would a Christmas gift be?”

Bell #3
Tool Shed
Hint: “Santa’s hiding your prezzie!”

Bell #4
United Inshcon
Hint: “Corner”

Bell #5
Hearthaven Photography and Creations
Hint: “This bell has a sweet … smell?”

Bell #6
Equinox Shores
Hint: “It curls if bowed. If a cane were an arrow, you’d be red hot.”
[no picture provided]

Bell #7
Pearl pLarry
Hint: “Many pearls around me”

Bell #8
Follow Us
Hint: “I’m hungry!…but…turkey or cake?”

Bell #9
Hint: “Look behind the tree”

Bell #10
Dekute Dekore
Hint: “This little bell is singing “I do my little turn on the Catwalk, yeah the Catwalk”

Bell #11
Potomac Signature Homes
Hint: “Your compass points to it”

Bell #12
Soulz Breeds
Hint: “From the bright tower you see the snow fall”

Bell #13
Broken Creek Decor
Hint: “Walk right in, turn around and look up”

Bell #14 (2 gifts)
RNP Animations
Hint: “Choose your way in and your way out”

Bell #15
Black Tulip
Hint: “Have you read the magazine?”

Bell #16
Hint: “Just chillin’ under this table”

Bell #17
Xmas @ Purple Moon Seasonal
Hint: “I´m very comfy with the owls”

Bell #18
JOH Technologies
Hint: “Rocking Around The…..”

Bell #19
Breedable Pen
Hint: “make a hin”

Bell #20
Sol Existence
Hint: “make a hint”

Bell #21
Park Place Home Decor
Hint: “Sit down by the fire, put your feet up, and relax before you continue your shopping spree!!”

Bell #22
River Beds
Hint: “Bear right”

Bell #23
Good Furniture
Hint: “Check the corners”

Bell #24
Absinthe & Others
Hint: “Look up!”

Bell #25
Hint: “Pause a moment, before you depart”

Bell #26
Hint: “It’s In the shop”

Bell #27
Amarei Baby
Hint: “Look for me right UP front!”

Bell #28
Riverboat Ranch
Hint: “Christmas isn’t the same without decorations, Balls and Bells and a Star on top”

Bell #29
Soul Designs
Hint: “Subscribing is always a great thing!”

Bell #30
Ever An’ Angel
Hint: “Silver Bells, Silver Bells, It’s Christmas time, in the city….”

Bell #31
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
Hint: “You are a “pillar” of strength!”

Bell #32
BlueMoon Enterprise
Hint: “in the door and to your right you will find your bell of delight”

Bell #33
Bands of Cypher
Hint: “Discover more than just learning to solve the puzzle!”

Bell #34
Clutter For Builders
Hint: “Beam me up!”

Bell #35
Tir Na Nog
Hint: “This is my whereabouts (tree)”

Bell #36
T.A.P. Wolvens
Hint: “Happy Holidays from T.A.P. Wolvens and the Alpha Pack Team
Don’t forget to take a sit, say cheese and enjoy the Christmas theme”

Bell #37
Hint: “Fight Like a Gamer Girl!”

Bell #38
Nantra Poses
Hint: “Put a ring on it”

Bell #39
Feyline Fashions
Hint: “He knows if you’ve been good or bad”

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