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WELCOME to the “Charity & Me” hunt! Below you will find a list of merchants who have put in time & energy to bring the grid some great items for a combined total of $4L. 2 gifts are available for each location. Hints are color coded to show if items are Female, Male, Unisex or if a gift comes in both male/female versions. At starting pick up hunt landmarks. There is no particular order, hunt as you see fit but do show love to all the merchants. Thank You

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[Earth’s] (Hunt Landmarks)
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Ohh my nails match your watch”
(Unisex) Me Hint: “I’m in the same place as my buddy”

Requiem (Hunt Landmarks)
Charity Hint: “You write on me”

[JOH]Technologies (Hunt Landmarks)
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Where apples usually fall from”

HC Creations
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Relax on the Massage Table Spirit and take a look in the basket”
(Unisex) Me Hint: “Relax on the Massage Table Spirit and take a look in the basket”

(Female) Charity Hint: “Wow”
(Female) Me Hint: “Wow”

Gems of Topaz
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Stripes by the *cafe*”
(Unisex) Me Hint: “Dots bring calm”

Loordes of London
(Female) Charity Hint: “by the backdoor”
(Female) Me Hint: “by the backdoor”

(Female) Charity Hint: “She gotta have? legs..legs..legs…legs”
(Female) Me Hint: “I feel like this view sucks in this corner”

Nightmare Designs
(Female) Charity Hint: “I Love Plum, Don’t You?”
(Male) Me Hint: “Skelly Pig Skelly Pig Does Whatever A Skelly Pig Does!”

Firelight Creations
(Female) Charity Hint: “This hint Applies to you”
(Male) Charity Hint:
 “You light up my life”
(Female) Me Hint:
 “Its dark under here.”
(Male) Me Hint:
 “Tell me James!”

(Female) Charity Hint: “I am at the New Release section”
(Male) Me Hint:
 “I am at the Men Couture section”

Toxic H
(Male & Female) Charity Hint: “I see the birds flying around outside”
(Male & Female) Me Hint: “The geek robot is so happy”

Wild Serenity
(Female) Charity Hint: “The world is in chaos, Let me hide here for a while”
(Male) Me Hint: “It’s a good  night to go see a mystic, lets find out our future”

Arctic Storm
(Female) Charity Hint: “Oh MONIQUE – You keep me GROUNDED – you always do you LEVEL best!”
(Female) Me Hint: “Oh MONIQUE – You keep me GROUNDED – you always do you LEVEL best!”

Lone Wolf Studio
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Charity is great!”
(Unisex) Me Hint: “A flower is a beautiful thing”

Like Design
(Female) Charity Hint: “Weekly Submissions”
(Female) Me Hint: “Weekly Submissions”

U Refined
(Female) Charity Hint: “I love lace!”
(Female) Me Hint: “I am such a sweetheart”

Stitches Creations
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “Nothing like some good music to make your summer swing!” (outside)
(Unisex) Me Hint: “Enjoying some Summer reading”

Fairey Angel Creations
(Unisex) Charity Hint: “I am screening my calls today”
(Unisex) Me Hint: “What the other one said”

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