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Be Hunted

WELCOME, to the “We Promise” hunt! Below you will find a list of merchants who have put in time & energy to bring the grid some great Spring time items for only $4L. All profits go to benefit American Cancer Society.  Be a voice for this cause visiting and hunting participating stores, thus donating to ACS. Thank You!



Starting points

(Click inworld store sign & receive full listing of stores w/ Landmarks)

(Stores are listed alphabetically)

*Right click store name, choose “copy link address” paste inworld & TP. Or click name, map will open in new tab choose “visit this location”*

Arctic Storm
Hint: Cocktail Laces…On a BOX??” (1st floor)

Brii Underground Wear
Hint:Looking at myself…”

Bubble Gum
Hint:Near the heart”

Hint:When she gets tired from shopping, she can have a seat!”

Image Essentials Props & Poses
Hint:Gives me clarity” (on an upper level)

Isis Boutique
Hint:Pink Ribbons”

Lilou’s Designs
Hint:Angel’s of all colors love roses”

Loordes of London
Hint: “Bargain Room”

Lyrieal’s Boutique
Hint: I’m a Superstar!”

Myrai Style
Hint:Comfy in the bed, soft to hug”

OMG! Inc.
Hint:Take a left and look for Swagged Gray”

Hint:It’s by taking the height that your ideas will illuminate” (Men section + light)

Paisley Daisy
Hint:The water falls on this promise”

Hint: “Hanging over the bosses heads!”

Hint: It’s almost like a cave”

Reila Skins
Hint:I’m very hard on my bags because I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me”

Swooze Maternity Fashions & More!
Hint:This mommy’s hopes for her baby are here.” (look high)

Hint:The blue robot says to everyone, hope, courage, faith & strength”

Hint:What is a tip if not a personal donation?”

Wild Serenity
Hint: “Let the magic of spring be accelerated by the priestess’s word” (1st level)

Xen’s Hats
Hint:There is only one plant in the store. Find the plant and you will find the hunt item”

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