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Gazebos On Ice @ Gacha Event @ PS!
Organizer: Kamiek Resident

Exclusive Items:
Whimsical Happenings’ Xmas Set #1
– “Christmas” Mantle
– Holiday Wreath w/ Texture Change Bow
– Three “Rallying ‘Round” Sitters w/ adjustable unisex poses (18)
– “You Sleigh Me” Table
– Sprinx Holiday Tree
$130L for Set

For first 25 buyers, full set for $50L

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Welcome to the Hunt For The Bells 2015, fundraiser for Relay. Below are a list of merchants at the Christmas Expo offering a hunt item. Follow the clues, reap the rewards all while supporting a worthy cause.

Happy Hunting

1. [HC] Hopes Creations
Hint: “Has this one got your name on it?”

[HC] Winter Boots - Hunt For The Bells

2. Semi Precious
Hint: ♫ Snowflake, snowflake,
little snowflake.
Little snowflake
falling from the sky.
Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake.
Falling, falling, falling, falling, falling,
falling, falling, falling, falling…
falling on my head.
2_HFTB Image - Quixotic Criss

3. Kunglers
Hint: “The big K rings the bell!!”

4. Hanaya
Hint: “In plain view”
4_HFTB Image - Moriko Inshan -Hanaya-

5. OMG!
Hint: “Look above on the arch… ring a ding ding.”
5_HFTB  - Merchant Laville

6. G Sloane
Hint: “Maybe Santa knows?”

7. Purple Moon Seasonal
Hint: “A little Purple Angel with a Bell”
7_HFTB Image - Lua Vendetta_

8. Pearl pLarry
Hint: “I am surrounded by red color  in a comfortable space”
8_pearl pLarry _ christmas star food pos8ter

9. Outside The Box
Hint: “Rocky raccoon took the bell because it was shiny and he  wanted to ring the  bell”
9_Otb! Sled with Poinsettias_001

10. CannabiSL
Hint: “It’s just around the corner”
10_HFTB Image - Djeaux Farrasco

11. Digitize
Hint: “just inside the archway”
11_HFTB Image - Dextresis Dejavu

12. Broken Creek Decor
Hint: “Just look above the entrance”
12_HFTB - Broken Creek Decor

13. Ollies Follies
Hint: “It’s a BANNER year for BELLS!”
13_HFTB Image - Ollies Follies

14. Follow Us
14_HFTB Image - !! Follow US !!

15. Feyline Fashions
Hint: “Right Left Right!”
15_FF_ Tavia Winter Fae 1

16. Mossms
Hint: “Shake lightly for snowfall”
16_HFTB Image - Mossms

17. Dekute Dekore
Hint: “This little Bell just wants to warm up & make s’mores!”
17_HFTB Image - Debil Skute

18. Ever An’ Angel
Hint: “Round and round and round she goes….”
18_HFTB - Ever An' Angel

19. Spyralle
Hint: “Let it go!”
19_HFTB image - Spyralle

20. Botanica
Hint: “Find an elf who rings your bell”
20_HFTB IMAGE - Botanica Centerpiece

21. SweetRed’s Designs
Hint: “O Christmas Tree”
21_HFTB Image - Suzetta Moonites

22. Park Place Home Decor
Hint: “Not hard to find.  Just walk in the door and look under the Christmas Tree!”
22_HFTB Image - DeAnn Dufaux

23. Wood Works
Hint: “Don’t look down, and don’t look around”
23_HFTB- Santa's Surprise

24. Entice
Hint:”This hunt has gone to the dogs and it is way over my head!”
24_HFTB - Entice

25. Love Everlasting PlantPets
25_HFTB - Love Everlasting PlantPets


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BOSL & Be Hunted Presents……

BOSL’s Holiday Lyric Hunt
Dec 13 – 31
Application Deadline: Nov. 26

Theme: Open.
Create whatever inspires you.

– TWO gifts are required for this hunt!
Gifts must fit into one of the combined sets; Female/Male, Female/Unisex, Male/Unisex or Unisex/Unisex
(There are 2 paths male & female so we want there to be enough gifts for all)

– Items must be NEW

– All items must be placed on main floor of store ONLY!

– Photos are required!

Open to all merchants!


Questions, Comments or Concerns contact Earth Nirvana Inworld



Welcome to the RED AND….HUNT/FUNDRAISER for diabetes awareness Below is a list of merchants providing gifts with all proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association . Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the RED hunt sign at the starting location. Follow the clues and reap the rewards. Please do what you can to help us in our efforts to support such a worthy cause.

*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting

1.Feyline Fashions (Starting point)
Red and ... Hunt Prize - Feyline Fashions
Hint: “Behind every vote is a rock”

2.Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Asian Dresser with Lucky bamboo, Pointsettia & candles PIC
Hint: “You’ll find me under the ‘Aryanne’ Gift from *Goor Fashion Style*

3.Perfect Seduction
redsta3 - rad
Hint: “25, 30, 45…..IDK It’s all good”

4.Amazing Creations
4 - AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS RED And
Hint: “Jackets” (gifts for males & females)

5.TAOX Tattoo
5 - TaTToo Back Peace Around The World VG 2
Hint: “Or are the tattoo guns?”

6.Toxic Candy
6 - Toxic Candy RED HUNT POSTER
Hint: “I lurve pizza”

7.Holli Pocket
No Picture Provided
Hint: “The temperature is burning up here”

8.Whimsical Happenings
Design - Giftcard - One Free Gift
Hint: “Sometimes I feel LIMITED by foods I can eat”

9 - Red Pyramid Half-Stud Choker
Hint: “Climb like Spiderman”

10.SweetRed’s Designs
10 - Betty ~ SRD Red And ..... Hunt
Hint: “Take A Step Up”

11.VIPs Creations
Female Dress - Valentine Hearts[Slink Shoes] Valentine Male Clothes - I am your gift
Hint: “I Love Slink Shoes!!!” (M/F)

12.Deluxe Body Factory
[DBF] Scarlett skin AD
Hint: “Would you light me up? Really, set me on fire … “

13.ArmaDus Building Design
Hint: “It’s snowing”

14.Artic Storm
Hint: “Wherever a Roman Beauty is, sits above for Red on Red”

14 - Two Hearts MAIN AD Red And Hunt
Hint: “Have a seat while you search!”

16.4mE (3 gifts)
No Pictures Provided
Hint 1: “The Sky is blue, Flowers are red, Where are you?” (M/F)
Hint 2: “Look up! At the Sky, Sit on “4”, Do you see me?” (M/F)
Hint 3: “Come, sit at the Table for two. Eat your cupcake to find your cookie!!” (M/F)

17.Miss Darcy
Miss Darcy - Elegance Gown - Lipstick Miss Darcy - Zip It! Homme - Red
Hint: “What else is red?  A tomato!” (M/F)

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Welcome to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boobie Full Hunt/ Fundraiser. Below is a list of merchants providing gifts with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting. Some icons may be hidden while others are clearly visible. Please do what you can to help us in our efforts to support such a worthy cause.

*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting

Whimsical Happenings – “Like Linus, you can find me in the pumpkin patch”
Design - Giftcard - WH No Price $100L
Cost: $2L

Feyline Fashions – “Tic toc Ladies! time is running out!”
Feyline Fashions
Cost: $2L

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop – “Near the sign”
3 Bathing Suits 'Sexy Hawaiian style' PIC
Cost: $2L

Perfect Seduction – “What’s better Boobies or Sales?”
Cost: $10L

VIPs Creations – “Wwoowow! What a Halloween group gift is this! Halloween everywhere!!”
Bee Tizzy Male Female
Cost: $2L

Paramour Studios – “Stop calling me a MANnequin; I’m a Lady!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

boobs hunt picture
Cost: $2L

Artic Storm – “Between the French and the Fantasy!”
Cost: $2L

Stone’s Work – “A great place to warm your hands!”

Cost: $25L

Star*Crossed Weddings(TM) – “Have a cup of coffee or some ice cream while you hunt!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

La Boheme – “No one here but me and these pumpkin heads!”
LB Nail Ad OMNI BCAwareness
Cost: $2L

Holli Pocket – “It’s all about yOu!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

[HC] Hope Creations – “I Dare You”
[HC] MSABC Babydoll
Cost: $2L

Carries’s Lingerie – “Who framed Carrie’s photos?”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Sweet Tea Couture – “One of Us …… One of us….”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Pomposity – “Below a tumbler”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Moonstar – “A tiny place for Hallowe’en …”
Passion Lingerie Set by Moonstar
Cost: $2L


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