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Poster - Swarm of Decor 3

Welcome to the 3rd annual Swarm of Decor Hunt. Below is a list of 20 merchants providing $7L home & garden gifts. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the SOD3 hunt sign at the starting location.  All icons can be found on the main floor of each store. Follow the clues and reap the rewards. Be sure to take a moment and vote for the best hunt gift. Poll

1. Whimsical Happenings (2 gifts)
Hint: Find me under a tree
Hint: Singing..Then we’ll be happy in that land where no cabins fall
promo-nice-quaint-autumn promo-portraits

2. StoraxTree
Hint: Look near the hunt poster
Trick or Treat Gravestone ok copy.png

3. Blade & Rain
Hint: Don’t sit on me!

4. Dragon Magick Wares
Hint: Got enough clutter there?

5. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: I’m easy to find between the group’s gifts!

6. De Baza
Hint: Please use hint giver by store landing

7. Elysium
Hint: I am from Africa – raaawwwrrrrr

8. Myth
Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star….

9. PS! Perfect Seduction
Hint: There are always so many sales during the Holidays!

10. Hatter ‘n Hell (5 gifts)
Hint: Trying to hide out in black & white
(same hint for all gift locations)

11. Fairey Angel Creations
Hint: I can be found lion around

12. Tantalum Jewelry
Hint: I killed your plant so I’m not afraid to kill you!
(large store. head to the right of the entrance. Find Mindy!)

13. The Artist Shed
Hint: Hunting makes me tired, I’m going to nap in this pillow pile


14. Palette
Hint: Watch out for spilled paint
(large store. head to the right of the entrance)

15. Laynieland
Hint: In the lowest yard, look all around, Or your prize will not be found. Goblins, Ghouls and Ghastly Ghosts

16. Purple Moon Seasonal Decorations
Hint: Did you saw the Green kittens?

17. Halloween Delights
Hint: Where did I put my hat?

18. Sour Pickles
Hint: Check Hint Giver

19. [QE] Designs
Hint: Kick back and take a seat amongst the stars

20. Loordes of London
Hint: By the bargains

The END.





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Kiss of the Valentine Hunt
Feb 1 – Feb 21
No participation fee

*Seeking designers in all areas*
clothing, shoe, hair, accessory, décor, furniture, cars etc….

-Your logo on our final poster
-Your logo displayed on our Events website page
-Your store information on all our social media sites
(2 million hits per month)
-Posting Rights in the Best Of SL readers group
(February 1-21st, 2017),

Join Us!



Sign - Once Upon A Curious Girl

Welcome to the ONCE UPON A CURious GIRL RFL HUNT. Below is a list of merchants providing $1L gifts with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Follow the clues and reap the rewards.


Gift #1 : Fire N Ash Designs
Clue: “A rocky start, gives birth to the Tree of Life.”
Gift: M & F
Search Point: Life

Gift #2: Blade & Rain
Clue: “By the water of Life, Purple falls from me”
Gift: M&F
Search Point: Life

Gift #3: Shanti
Clue: “A nice quiet corner to read a book”
Gift: F & F
Search Point: Give

Gift #4: Nomiki’s Creations
Clue: “Love reading in the outdoors amongst the flowers!”
Gift: F
Search Point: Give

Gift #5: PRISM
Clue: “A Gift at your feet Lovely Ice Angel”
Gift: U
Search Point: Teach

Gift #6: OMG! Inc.
Clue: “Is that cow wanting to read that book? Can you see him? He is over by the red barn!”
Gift: F
Search Point: Courage

Gift #7: Whimsical Happenings
Clue: “Water under the bridge”
Gift: U
Search Point: Courage

Gift #8: Scandal Fashions
Clue: “Find me along the rock wall”
Gift: F
Search Point: Strides

Gift #9: Miss Darcy
Clue: “Find a cozy spot in the pagoda in the river”
Gift: F
Search Point: Life

Gift #10: Lillou’s Designs
Clue: “I am where you can taste good roasted marshmallows”
Gift: F
Search Point: Teach

Gift #11: MB
Clue: “Behind a mushroom at the waterfall”
Gift: F
Search Point: Awareness

Gift #12: Kely’s Kreations
Clue: “walk with the knight to your sweet victory” *check front & back
Gift: F
Search Point: Strength

Gift #13: Sasheba’s Closet
Clue: “A king makes his generous offering to the fiery orb in the sky!  …..while singing, “I Wan’na be like you oo ooh!”
Gift: M & F
Search Point: Victory

Gift #14: Lady Dragon’s Design
Clue: “Find me by the stairs”
Gift: F
Search Point: Journey

Gift #15: Lone Wolf Studio
Clue: “Information is everything”
Gift: U
Search Point: Activities

Gift #16: [Rad Designz]
Clue: “Just a little Courage is all you need!” *beware of the beast!
Gift: F
Search Point: Strength