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WELCOME to the Optimistic Playlist Hunt, for Relay For Life running March 15 thru April 5. Below you will find participating merchants who are providing items for just $3L with 100% profits to the American Cancer Society. Pick up all hunt locations at first location. All stores are hyperlinked for easy teleporting.

[Earth’s] Unisex Hint: “Two sugars for my Java please” *Location Updated

HC Creations Unisex Hint: When i’m walking in Memphis I found a Bar Stool in the “Beanbags, Chairs & Seats Area”

Digital DeZines Male & Female Hint: “Go through the doorway to find me!!”

Forsaken Falls Unisex Hint: “Signs, signs everywhere signs.”

AmAzing CrEaTiOns Male & Female Hint: “2nd floor – group join, free gifts xmmm….”

Deluxe Body Factory Female Hint: “Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my … nails!”

VG SHOES Female Hint: “It´s shiny and new and loves the spring colors in Manhattan”

Perfect Seduction Male Hint: “What is your number?” Female Hint: “Let’s go to the sales!”   

Verocity Unisex Hint: “Seek the light to make sure its right while your trying out your poses”

VIPS Creations Male & Female Hint: Do you love Gothic & Demon skins?    Nomiki’s Creations Male & Female Hint: “they like customer service, even the calls on the telephone!”

Feyline Fashions Male & Female Hint: “Come sit on my porch and enjoy the view”

Obsession Exposed Gallery Unisex Hint: “”

Pomposity Female Hint: “need to catfish for this item”

Pearl pLarry Pet & Collections Unisex Hint: “She stood midst The color of the sweet girl colors.”

L’Anguisette Skin and Body Shoppe Female Hint: “Stay connected with L’Anguisette!”

OMG! Inc. Female Hint: “Night on fire?! Downstairs they say.”

2Peas Female Hint: “Hello.. Is it me you’re looking for…..”

Cake Fox (Location Updated) Unisex Hint: “The rain is falling on my window pane – But we are hiding in a safer place” (Colbie Caillat: Bubbly)”

[JOH] Technologies Unisex Hint: “Sit down & play a tune”

Grumble Female Hint: “Show us your ears! Bunny that is…”

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Tribute City Relayers & Be Hunted Presents….

Optimistic Playlist Hunt
(Keeping spirits high until we find a cure)

Start: Mar. 15
Ending: Apr. 5
Hunt: $3L

Theme: The Optimist playlist:
Artist: Colbie Caillat
Song: Bubbly
Video reference:

Draw inspiration from video. Take note of colors, decor, poses/animations, apparel, jewelry, shoes, lyrics…

All items are welcomed but please no Adult creations, let your creativity fly!

– Item must be new!
– Can be male, female, both or unisex, the choice is yours.
– 100% profits to Relay for Life

[Apply Online Here]



WELCOME to the BEST OF SL’s (BOSL) Love International Styles Hunt. A (2) sim-wide hunt drawing inspiration from all over the world mixed with a Valentine’s Day feel. Below you will find participating merchants who are providing quality items for just $25L. Each location is hyperlinked for easy teleporting.

This hunt involves different parts of the sims so search stores, rocks, trees. lamp posts and anywhere you think an icon can be found .Hunters, you are going to need keen observation as only short hints are being used to aid you. Look high & low for the wonderful goodies that await you.

1. BOSL (Free)
Hint: Wall

2. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Ground

3. Perfect Seduction
-Male & Female (2 icons)
Hints: (m) Behind  (f) Sign

4. -Crush-
Hint: Ground

5. [Earth’s]
Hint: Curb

6. Sabra Style
Hint: Autumn

7. Evolve
Hint: Model-stand

8. Lyrical B!zarre
Hint: Issy II

9. Vips Creations
-Male & Female
Hint: Dirt

10. Jewelry By Jake
Hint: Mii

11. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
-Male & Female (2 icons)
Hint: Brown

12. Glint
Hint: Light

13. Lone Wolf Studio
Hint: Base

14. Sweet Tea Couture
Hint: Bottom

15. UniQue BoutiQue
Hint: Vendor

16. BlueMoon Enterprise
Hint: Stairs

17. Masoom
Hint: Bark

18. HC Creations
-Male & Female
Hint: Cafe

19. MadCatCreations Boutique
-Male & Female (2 icons)
Hint: Bench

20. Epitome Fashion Boutique
Hint: Orb

21. BACI
Hint: Magazine

22. Azul
Hint: Anjelique

23. Forsaken Falls
-Male & Female (1 icon)
Hint: Screw

24. Sweet E’s Designs
-Male & Female (1 icon)
Hint: Sit

25. Tam
Hint: Rocks

26. L’Anguisette Skin and Body Shoppe
Hint: Base

27. La Boheme
Hint: Bark

28. Choy Zuey
Hint: Arpeggio

29. Holli Pocket
Hint: Up!

30. 2 Peas
Hint: Dirt

31. U:Refined Fashion Design
Hint: Pot 

32. Park Place Home Décor
Hint: Stem

33. Paisley Daisy
Hint: Counter

34. OMG Inc.
Hint: Look Up

35. Can’dee May
Hint: Leaves & stems

36. Prism
Hint: Follow hearts

37. Style by Kira
Hint: In dirt

38. Harambee Gwassi
Hint: Grass

39. Fi’s Creations
Hint: Tray

40. Pomposity
Hint: Bottom

41. Kabuki
Hint: Laying

42. Kaithleen’s
Hint: Screw

43. ToXiC*H
Hint: Table

44. Oceane Body Design
Hint: Plant-Pot

45. Miss Darcy
Hint: Post

46. Entice
Hint: Big

47. Fairey Angel Creations
Hint: Leaves

Hint: Brat

49. Artic Storm
Hint: Base

50. KL Couture
-Male & Female
Hint: Hollywood

51. HTxDZ & Glasgow Grin
-Unisex & Female (2 Icons)
Hint: (u) Low   (f) High

52. EBDesign
Hint: Rock

53. Blue Couture
Hint: Ground

54. Tres Beau
Hint: Morocco

55. Champagne!
Hint: Behind curtain

56. Tori-Tastic
Hint: Dirt

57. BSD Design Studio
Hint: Lamp Post

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Fiona Scorfield Presents…..

Eggshell Hunt

About the Eggshell Hunt :

Did you know, the easter bunny got a bad cold this year. So he asked his bunny daughter to replace him to hide all the lovely easter eggs around, so all humans can enjoy the funny easter egg huntings in their gardens.

But his bunny daughter is a brat with all kind of craziness in her head. Instead of hiding the eggs carefully in the gardens, she just threw them over the fences. What a mess !!

Yeah, not a nice thing to do. Now there are many many many eggshells lying around in the grass. We are going to ignore that smell now for a moment and enjoy the wonderful eggshell colors instead, that will inspire our designers to create something lovely, something so much better than broken eggs !

This hunt is going to be all about eggshell colors. A sample color chart will be given, feel free to use those colors. Optionally you can use your own eggshell color chart, but keep in mind – no other colors are allowed ;)

5.April is Easter ! Your gift can be easter related but it does not need to be (since the hunt ends 19.April) !

All type of creators, that are able to create lovely hunt gifts in eggshell colors are welcome to join and show us their talent !

Starts: Apr. 1
Ends: Apr. 19
Hunt: ($0L)

Application Deadline: Mar. 8

Type of Hunt: Grid-Wide
Look for me: Eggs
Start Location: Beach Flowers

Apply Online

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Kara Foxdale Presents…..

Ostara/Easter Hunt

The Goddess Ester has a special gift from our sim Sacred Cauldron Hermes Marketplace and other supporting Vendors and Stores. While looking for a Rabbit marked at 1 Linden each. Touch the sign at our location or other stores for a notecard with information.

Happy Hunting

Starts: Mar. 1
Ends: Apr. 5
Hunt: ($1L)

20/30 Stores
Look for me: White Rabbit

Start Location


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Kara Foxdale Presents…..

Imbolc Valentines Grid Wide Hunt

Brighid has placed a Key to her heart with special gifts from our sim Sacred Cauldron and other supporting Vendors and Stores. Gifts will be included inside each Key marked at 1 Linden each.

To find the Landmarks, SLURLS, and Hunt Hints please touch the sign for a notecard with details.

Happy Hunting.

Application Deadline: 1/26

Starts: Feb 1
Ends: Feb 14
Hunt: ($1L)

20+ Stores
Look for me: Key w/ Hearts



Application for store vendors fill this out return back to myself Kara Foxdale

Store name:


Store Landmark and SLURL

Region ratings (PG, Moderate, Mature, Adult)

Secondary partner (not mandatory)

Key with Heart prims hidden:

Hunt Hints: Hunt hints are always in the multi-hunt hint giver on the tree across the aisle from the hunt poster.

To receive hunt notices and items I prefer to (choose at least one)
___ to be added to our in-world group. Please note we are a RL Wiccan Seminary and that this is separate from the hunts group.
___ I am already a member of Sacred Cauldron Hunts group
_____ To be added to Sacred Cauldron Hunts Group

What you can give as a gift: There will be a picture, though of what I don’t yet know, and possibly a piece of jewelry as well.

* There is no restrictions to what type of gift you want to give, rather women’s or mens clothes and other things such as furniture, nails, hair, shoes, etc. However , NO Resellers, (BIAB) Business In A Box, and/or Freebies found in BIAB.

* Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop, please be creative.

* If your store moves before or during the hunt, please let us know asap, so we can make the needed changes.

* Hunt items have to be hidden so they can be found. Please do not hide them inside other objects.

*If you would like to add an hint please feel free to add a hint and please send added on your application

Happy Hunting

Kara Foxdale Event Director @ Sacred Cauldron


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