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Hunt Sign - The Huntress

We all know the process of planning a hunt can be a stressful one, from developing and distributing applications to creating daily multimedia promotions.

Now, you can leave the work to Earth Nirvana, aka The Huntress, who has the solutions to those planning headaches a merchant is sure to encounter in organizing a store-wide or grid-wide hunt.

Nirvana, who came to Second Life in 2008, has found success not only with her own boutique, EARTH’S, but also with her hunting organization, BE HUNTED, and the development of over 25 hunts, to include Best Foot Forward, We Promise, and Fill In The Blanks. She has also organized hunts for charities, such as Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and for fairs, such as the Pumpkin Up! hunt for Fright Fest ‘14 and the upcoming Xmas Expo coming in December.

Want a successful hunt?

Check out what The Huntress offers!

::In-store hunt – $1500L::
::Fairs/Sim-wide hunt – $2500L::
::Grid-wide hunt – $3000L::
::Organization and implementation of hunt from start to finish::
::Promotion of hunt through social media, groups and ads::
Want to learn more about The Huntress’ services?

Want to hire The Huntress?

Contact Earth in-world (Earth Nirvana) or via email

Article by Shon Charisma

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