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WELCOME! to the “Not Like Crazy!” Hunt. This hunt focuses on “minor obsessions”, those little things that we LOVE! and can’t seem to go without. Could be a favorite song, color, object or drink. Below are a  list of merchants who have manifested their obsessions into fun items for hunters. Be sure to visit all stores & show your support for their hard work.  Each store name is linked to Inworld location for your hunting convenience!!!


(TIP: Right click a store name, choose “Copy link address” then paste in SL for direct TP link)

1. Beautiful Dangerous
Minor Obsession: Night Shirt with Socks 
Hints: “Come take a seat at the table for two”

2. Earth’s
Minor Obsession: Mugs
Hints: “Freebies can be nice!”

3. Imajica’s G-Spot Gestures
Minor Obsession: Coffee!
Hints: “GeTtcha GaTcha here!!!”

4. Ecce Bellus
Minor Obsession: Saw it in rl ,had to make it
Hints: “It’s so nice to be snugly warm when its cold outside”

5. Tres Belle Boutique (Skip for now)
Minor Obsession: Peace
Hints: “The before and after always amazes me”

6. Flash Friendly Poses
Minor Obsession:

7. HC Creations
Minor Obsession:
Hints: “Take a rest on the “HCC Lovers Garden-swing” on the 5th floor.”

8. Toxic High
Minor Obsession:
Hints: “The sun is hiding and won’t come out till you find pixelme clothing”

9. Blah.BLAH.Blah & Noise
Minor Obsession: Feet
Hints: “Its time to ‘sale’ this crazy ole brain”

10. Lyrieal’s Boutique
Minor Obsession: The Color Pink
Hints: “Boots made with cards” (1st level)

11. The Phoenix Collections
Minor Obsession: Apple Pie and coffee
Hints: “You can’t miss me – I am tall and open wide to catch the sun”

12. Kamiri
Minor Obsession: Rage
Hints: “Nikita”

13. Camilla’s
Minor Obsession: Zombie hunting
Hints: “Midnight mania and salsa – not your average dip”

14. GL-Shop
Minor Obsession: Lingerie
Hints: “Being obsessed can be charming…….sometimes”

15. Ayva’s Attic
Minor Obsession:
Hints: “Christmas cards soon to be put up until next year!!”

16. Loordes of London
Minor Obsession: Shoe fetish
Hints: “by the sets” (1st level, desk vicinity)

17. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Minor Obsession: The Color Red
Hints: ” It’s quite simple!”

18. Artic Storm
Minor Obsession: Bad English
Hints: “Where roots grow – under golden snowflakes”

19. Dreamscape Wedding Design
Minor Obsession: Spending time with friends
Hints: “Greetings, thank you’s and a wonderful view”

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