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WELCOME to the Optimistic Playlist Hunt, for Relay For Life running March 15 thru April 5. Below you will find participating merchants who are providing items for just $3L with 100% profits to the American Cancer Society. Pick up all hunt locations at first location. All stores are hyperlinked for easy teleporting.


**While the hunt is officially over, merchants below still have the gifts available for grabs @ hunt price of $3L. Enjoy**

Whimsical Happenings Unisex Hint: “They will never find me in this flattop”

Digital DeZines Male & Female Hint: “Go through the doorway to find me!!”

Forsaken Falls Unisex Hint: “Signs, signs everywhere signs.”

AmAzing CrEaTiOns Male & Female Hint: “2nd floor – group join, free gifts xmmm….”

Deluxe Body Factory Female Hint: “Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my … nails!”

Perfect Seduction Male Hint: “What is your number?” Female Hint: “Let’s go to the sales!”

VIPS Creations Male & Female Hint: Do you love Gothic & Demon skins?

Feyline Fashions Male & Female Hint: “Come sit on my porch and enjoy the view”

Pomposity Female Hint: “need to catfish for this item”

OMG! Inc. Female Hint: “Night on fire?! Downstairs they say.”

[JOH] Technologies Unisex Hint: “Sit down & play a tune”


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