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WELCOME, to the “Best Foot Forward” Hunt. Below are the list of participators who have put in their time & energy to provide the Grid with wonderfull $6L gifts. Do show them your appreciation by visiting them & paying & 6L for their efforts. All items are related to “feet” ex. shoes, boots, anklets etc….

This hunt has items for both male & female avi’s. Below each listing is labeled as having either a female, male or unisex item


(1) PB Designs (Starting Point)
Hint: “Take a rest”

(2) Toxic High
Hint: “You try me on to see if the item look good on you. Demo.”

(3) Akeana’a Architecture
Hint: “I see two big cordyline plants, protected by glass walls, pretty close to the landing block, a little birdy told me that one of them hides a pink sock behind the triple rock!”

Hint: “The ceiling’s color is silver, no doubt!, I’m up here”, is the blue sock’s shout.”

(4) Nefeli’s Gestures
Hint: “Are you lucky?”

(5) Earth’s
Hint: “Where you can spend $1L and get 3 items”

Hint: “Be on the ALERT”

(6) Sour Pickles
Hint: “Check hint giver”

(7) Slave
Hint: “I’m on the wall” [Right]

(8) Isis Boutique
Hint: “Point those feet for pretty feet!”

(9) The Happy Hat
Hint: “My feet need a rest.”

(10) Spiked Devil
Hint: “as i sit so nice next to the pillow here tonight you might find me tucked away”

(11) Flash Friendly Poses
Hint: “Craft time!”

(12) Black Cat Bones
Hint: “Go up and look out”

(13) West Coast Influenced
Hint: “Didn’t your mother teach you any manners? Feet never up on the couch”

(14) Blah Blah Blah
Hint: “Its time to take a step in the right direction”

(15) Nomiki’s Creations
(Land is vast, search diligently)

Hint: “What do these balls here do I wonder!”

Hint: “Wonder if this fits a giant foot like this one up on the top here!”

Hint: “Mmmm fluffy candy is such a sticky treat in the heat!”

(16) Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: “This gift is a real classic !”

(17) Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hint: “I like to hide where the music roams!”

(18) Icarus
Hint: “You better tip toe past me so I don’t bite”

(19) Loordes of London
Hint: “By The Bargains”

(20) ThatChick
Hint: “Look to your feet and follow the signs, FOOTWEAR abounds, can you find your size?”

(21) EB Design
Hint: “Find the little beautiful Mermaid!”

Hint: “Walk on the beach!”

(22) Artic Storm
Hint: “Anybody named Dani-Lynn in the Group Deep Purple?”

(23) Prism Women’s Clothing
Hint: ” Some Sexy legs there Petra ”

(24) Inclination

(25) Brandy’s Boutique

(26) Evaki
Hint: “I love Mesh! ”

(27) Elegance By Elysa
Hint: “Obviously the very best place for trying on shoes!”

(28) Roots & Wings Gallery
Hint: “Dusk falls in loud footsteps”

(29) Katitudes & Boneisms
Hint: “Walk in a Thousand peoples shoes…”

(30) LockHearts
Hint: “find me with the loose change and left over pizza”

(31) Dinki-Di

(32) Lutricias Luxuries
Hint: “Are you lucky?”

(33) Tattoo Paradise
Hint: “In the garden is a heart…”

(34) Dressed by Lexi
(Big Store, search diligently)

Hint: “Fringe is your friend.”

(35) U-Refined
Hint: “I am perfect!”

(36) Sin Original
Hint: “It’s Casual and Comfortable”

Hint: “It’s Casual and Comfortable”

(37) Frutie Cuties

(38) [PC] Pixel Creations
Hint: “Have you been in Casablanca?”

(39) Dondi’s Doodads
Hint: “Please check the hint giver”

(40) [HTxDZ]
Hint: “Ohh Lala~ How loverly those would look on my feet!”

(41) B-UniQ
Hint: “Tickle the tootsies!”

(42) MC Fashion

(43) BSD Design Studio
Hint: “it is all about love.”

Hint: “find the angel and set her free ”

Hint: “when u find the angel , u set her free.”

(44) Image Essentials
Hint: “I’m feeling a little flushed.”

(45) [S]tiletto Style
Hint: “Time to grab a cup of tea!”

(46) Styles By Danielle
Hint: “It’s a Summer time!”

(47) Rainbow Gallery & Cattery
Hint: “My Bengal boys have the sock you are looking for, just ask them to give it to you”

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