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Theme: BAGS!

Purses, Clutches, Backpacks, Hobos, Duffels, Satchels, Totes, you get the point! It is all about the bags! No shoes, no clothes JUST BAGS!


WELCOME, to the “Bag It! Pack It! Clutch It!” mini hunt!  This hunt focuses on BAGS! Yes Ladies, you read that correctly BAGS. All different types of bags!  Below you will find a list of merchants who have put in time & energy to bring the grid some great bags for only $6L. Do show them some love by visiting and hunting their stores. At the starting point, touch BPC!!! sign for landmark notecard!


GIF Bag It

1. Toxic High (Starting Point)
HINT: “Money can buy you boob and azz appliers”

2. Earth’s
HINT: “Walk a mile in my shoes!”

3. blah.BLAH.blah
HINT: “I can see what your holding in your hands”

4. Loordes of London
HINT: ” You can’t have too many bags”

5. Flash Friendly Poses (location updated)
HINT: “Go stand in the corner!”

6. Grumble
HINT: “I’m WIREd to check out these purses! There are here on the shelf…”

7. Eclectic Stars
HINT: “There are lots of pillows up here, it’s comfy”

8. Gothic’s Musing
HINT: “I can see almost everything from way up here!”

9. Opal
HINT: “I will definitely fit this strawberry doughnut in my bag!”

10. Elegance by Elysa
HINT: “Swing from a palm tree (take the Teleporter to Islands in the Sky”

11. Kawaii Couture
HINT: “This bag isn’t for free, so you better pay for it!”

12. Small World
HINT: “Tuck it under the til”

13. A&A
HINT: “Children are the building blocks of the future”

14. Uni-qu3
HINT: “follow the path with steps…and seek for stoned precious gift!!!”

15. XY Stuff
HINT: “A Nighprize a day keeps the sadness away”

16. WCI
HINT: “My tip to you is to never leave your bag unattended”

17. Mesh Glam
HINT: “You will find what you seek where the cupcakes are going to gatcha!!”

18.  Impertinences
HINT: “warm in the aristocratic pajama”

19. [S]tiletto Style (Updated location)
HINT: “Just Hanging Around..”

20. Ayva’s Attic
HINT: ” Sometimes life is such a pane…”

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