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WELCOME! to the “Does My Butt Look Fat In This…?” Hunt. Below you will find a list of merchants who have put in time & energy to bring the grid some great items for only $5L. Do show them some love visiting and hunting their stores. All items fit the “Booty-licious” theme ex. pants, shorts, panties, lingerie, Props/Poses etc….

Color-coded for your experience, since this hunt includes Female, Male & Unisex items

*Stores that offer both a Female & Male item are highlighted in green!

Hunters, pick up your Landmark package here!



1. Earth’s
Hints:PSYCHO is not just a movie…”
(Search Lower & Higher Level)

2. Evaki
Hints: “Soon Christmas will be all around not just on the 2nd floor”

Hints: “On the 4th floor the lucky letter is… ?”

4. Brandi’s Intimates
Hints:  “Answer her”

5. Ecce Bellus
(upon landing go around the bikes to find store)
Hints:  “see if the cashier is in if you need any assistance”

6. Tattoo Paradise
Hints: “Two angels are watching you”

7. B-UniQ
Hints: “Bring on the sales!”

8. Grumble
Hints: “When she backs up it beeps like a fire engine”

9. Sin Original
Hints: “I just love potted trees, don’t you?”

10. Artic Storm
Hints: “You are such an upstairs SAVAGE! How can you say that?”

11. Flash Friendly Poses
Hints:  “I love poses and literature… especially when I get to mix the two!”

12. Kinfolk Creations
Hints: “One mans trash is another mans treasure”

13. U-Refined
Hints: “This is THE LIFE

14. Isis Boutique
Hints:  “Does my butt look fat in these jeans?”

15. Beautiful Dangerous
Hints: “Why do Mondays around here have to be such Madness?”

16. OhLaLa Fashion
Hints: “Pay at the Counter please……”

17. blah BLAH Blah
Hints: “This little piggy…”

18. Dondi’s Doodads
Hints:  “Please check the hint giver.”

19. LC Designs
Hints: “Summer nights make me go ZIGZAG-Pink”

20. iDL Intimates
Hints: “We have Freebies for Newbies, too!”

21. Twinkle & Dazzle
Hints: “Every day should be a Funday!!”

22. Sour Pickles
Hints: “Check the hint giver”

23. sexZ
Hints: “People say I tend to stair”

24. Holli Pocket
Hints: Oink, baby got back here!”

25. RD. Style
Hints: “Homer Loves RockNRoll!!”

26. Karma’s Kreations
Hints: “Come right & over, The gypsy knows”

27. Wicked Night – Nerdy Needs
Hints: “Who’s got the knickers?”

28. No Salvation Designs
Hints: “It is cold and damp down in the catacombs. This is the treasured place where I rest my bones”

29. Toxic High
Hints: “Witch Pink Toxic Barrel Has It?”

30. D&G Fashions
Hints:  “Hey there sexeh, Hows about giving me some SUGAH!?”

Hints: ” So whats *NEW* Here at PRISM “

32. HC Creations
Hints: “Take a rest in the living room area and sit down on the sofa called LISA!”

33. Reila Skins
Hints: “Look for Miki”

Hints: “Wearing flats makes you so sexy!”

35. Sup Poses
Hints: “Away with the butterflies”

36. {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
Hints: “Which Corner Will I Be Lurking?”

37. Alyce
Hints:  “Five star booty”

38. Witchy Cupcakez
Hints: “Bubbling cauldron”

39. 20.Five
Hints:  “Crusty Cake”

40. Derby Dollz Couture
Hints: Stay tune for update

* Some stores have opted to have their name linked to their MarketPlace stores. Check ’em Out!

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