Nirvana Projects

Staying busy on the grid…

Odd Flake Hunt

Be Hunted Presents…….

Apply Inworld @ Earth’s

Start: Dec 11th
Ends: Dec 28th
Hunt: $0L
Application deadline: Nov 11th


WELCOME, to the “Odd Flake” Hunt, BE HUNTED’s very first event. Below are the handful of participators who have put in their time & energy to provide the Grid with wonderful $0L gifts. Do show them your appreciation by visiting them.

Hunters, seek and you shall find!
There are a handful of great items to be found & new designers waiting to be discovered! There is no particular order to follow, BUT you don’t want to miss out on any of these items.

Seek out Odd Flakes @ participating locations for awesome free prizes.

Earth’s Bangles & Other Creations – Earth Nirvana

Island Style Designs – Nickki Romano

Body by Chauveau – Giselle Chauveau

Eklectic Twist – Minx Maggs

Style X – Xandra Bianco

Namori’s -Sean Namori

Sewl Designs – Magnolya Citron

Blessed Reflection – Blessing Moonwing (original art)


While hints were not needed, some owners opted to provide one:

Island Style Designs:
Hint: The lost little snowflake way off course,wound up in Hawaii, He landed on the sand!Help he needed fast! So the tall redhead in the sexy dress offered to shade him from the sun.

Earth’s Bangles & Other Creations
Hint: Flake #1 – This is where you will find me: Walk towards the objects that help you ascend & be on the look out for man’s best friend.

Flake #2 – This is where you will find me:  My position is neither left or right

Flake #3 – No Dorothy in sight but seek out the yellow brick, I am here waiting for you hurry come quick

(Be sure to look under the tree, Santa been circling the area)

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