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WELCOME to the “Fill In The Blanks” hunt! Below you will find a list of merchants who have been put to task creating items reflecting below “fill ins”. A lot of time & energy was put forth to bring the grid some great items for only $2L Hints are color coded to show if items are FemaleMale,Unisex or if a gift comes in both male/female versions. At most locations you can retrieve the hunt’s listing landmarks by touching promotional hunt sign. There is no particular order, hunt as you see fit but do show love to all the merchants. Can you see the “fill in” inspiration in each item? 🙂

Fill In The Blanks GIF

Hint: “Find me with like friends”
Fill Ins: Creating, Green sometimes Teal

Hint: “Look near the hunt sign”
Fill Ins: Fall & Winter

Hint: “unhealthy body can get rusty like a sunken car!”
Fill Ins: Salad

Hint: “Why walk when you can fly?”
Fill Ins: Gold, Green & Black & flight

Hint: “Ahh Ratz such sexy view!”
Fill Ins: Summer & Water

Hint: “Check the Hunt Hints for the Colors to reveal themselves.”
Fill Ins: Pink, Sphere & Love Me Wine

Hint: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step…”
Fill Ins: Mystery, Magnifying glass & Black

Hint: “I’m a colorful one changing to match my zone”
Fill Ins: Chameleon & solid

Hint: “I love Cotton Candy
Fill Ins: I can refresh myself!

Hint: “Between Don’t RAYNA on me OLIVIA, is the Amazing Grace!”
Fill Ins: Amazing Grace & Piano

Female Hint: “I love to play the African Drums!”
Unisex Hint: “Walk to the African & East Asia Hut …”
Fill Ins: Red, Hot Chocolate, Chess

Female Hint: “My eyes are mystified by this creature”
Fill Ins: Pink and Purple & Winged Unicorn

Unisex Hint: “This “blank” comes with an ocean view”
Fill Ins:

Female Hint: “Still time to visit a SANDYe beach !”
Fill Ins:  Red Autumn

Unisex Hint: “Up the ______ and sit to relax on the ______!”
Fill Ins: White/Snow Patrol

Unisex Hint: “Jack & Jill went up the hill to test the rocket launcher;
Jack hit home & broke the dome,and now it’s under water”
Fill Ins: Purple, Cyan, Black & dark matter

Unisex & Petite Hint: “twinkle twinkle tide pool star this gift sits where red, orange, and blue are… but be careful that fairy bites”
Fill Ins: Red, Black, White & Misfits

Female Hint: “Sit on it”
Fill Ins: Panties & Water

Unisex Hint: “Check out that new release!”
Fill Ins: pentagram, 13, & star

Unisex Hint: “Do you have the spine for hunting?”
Fill Ins: Blue, Spring, Athens

Male & Female Hint: “It is your lucky day”
Fill Ins: At a beach

Female Hint: “I’m feeling a little thread bare”
Fill Ins: Tennis, Triangle & Pink

Female Hint: “a heart waits”
Fill Ins: Black & Coke

Female Hint: “By back door”
Fill Ins: Wintery fashion

Female Hint: “You must be crazy to mix these blanks”
Fill Ins: Spring, Autumn, & Marilyn Monroe

Unisex Hint: “OMG! I gachta
Fill Ins: Skittles

Female Hint: “I’m behind a sign”
Fill Ins: Gold, Silver & Unicorn

Unisex Hint: “But this isn’t Germany”
Fill Ins: Pink, Purple, White & Dollar signs

Female Hint: “The cat says meow”
Fill Ins: Toxic cross, Pink & Black

Female Hint: “Wanting a change? Step in to this room.”
Fill Ins:

Hint: “Why don’t you Stay and help me fill in some blanks?”
Fill Ins: Two, Teal, Guitar

Hint: “Such a down to earth gift!”
Fill Ins: Love, Purple & Earth

Unisex Hint: “Even I won’t mess with that elephant” (on wall)
Fill Ins: Black, White & Spots

Hint: “Between us elves, the boots make the outfit.”
Fill Ins: Blue & Strawberry Daiquiri

Female Hint: “Some kisses can leave you parched!”
Fill Ins: “Good Kisser”/R&B

Female Hint: “Pointe to be a star”
Fill Ins: Star, 7 & Pink

Hint: “Timmi Fell Down the ________” (Movie Quote)”
Fill Ins: Royalty, Silver & Star

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