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WELCOME to the “I Feel, You Feel” hunt for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Below you will find a list of merchants who have been put to task creating items in effort to help raise money & awareness to a disease that affects so many people.

Won’t you help us, help others by simply hunting & paying $2L per item. A very small price to pay to help save a life & collect great gifts at the same time

Stores are hyperlinked for easy transport, a notecard with all landmarks can be picked up at *select locations

I Feel You Feel GIF_2


*American Cancer SocietyUnisex – “Put mail in me”

*[Earth’s]Unisex – “Find me with like friends”

StoraxTreeUnisex – “Look near the hunt poster”

Deluxe Body Factory Female – “Sit down next to me, Love, in fear, in hate, in tears..”

LidocaineFemale – “I do not dance, I do not sing. The noise I make goes cha ching” (Location temporarily unavailable)

Wishing Well IndustriesUnisex – “You light up my life”

VG ShoesFemaleGift #1 – “Rachelle can be Bad to the Bone”

VG ShoesFemaleGift #2 – “The place where the doggies show their faces”

Dee’s DesignsUnisex – “A good maiden is ever watchful of the men”

Stitches CreationsUnisex – “A pink couch hiding next to a blue one”

Dragon Pavilion Unisex – “Try a pear and an orange but don’t topple the fruits behind the table”

2PeasUnisex –  “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Dressed by LexiFemale – “Look in the Perfect 10 room”

GlintMale & Female – “I’m surrounded by a rave of swirling colors”

Shadow DreamsUnisex – “Tangerine Dreams”

USC TexturesUnisex – “Advertise at the Sim office”

Digital DezinesUnisex – “Like to play hide and seek? Gacha!”

Lightening VideoUnisex – Message to all Cancer Patients: ” Just Keep Swimming! “

CorruptedMale & Female – “Running colors” (look up) (Location temporarily unavailable)

Winsome TwinsMale – “Music is the way to my heart…”

Winsome TwinsFemale – “Girls just wanna have fun!”

PomposityFemale – “I’m in an alcove”

Minx DesignsFemale – “We live in a state of trance”

Artic Storm – Female – “STAND tall and DISPLAY yourself”

L’Amour Model ProductionsUnisex – “Leaves fall from me”

Nefeli’s GesturesUnisex – “I’m a dollarbie”

Cake FoxUnisex – “I feel you, in every stone – In every leaf of every tree (Schiller: I Feel You)”

Coffee WhoreMale – “Be a REAL man”   (Store closed)

Gemstone BreedablesUnisex – “Where hubby goes after a fight with the Mrs.”

Phat Bottom GirlsFemale – “See that sexy goddess, check out her behind and you may find something sexy!”

Gor-jus AnimationsUnisex – “There’s nothing like the kiss of true love”

Toxic*HFemale – “I stick out my tongue gacha” (NEW Location Update)

ND/MDFemale – “You can find me in our WOMEN shop” (look up)

Iron TigerMale & Female – “Work for a cure, then sit where you like. Round furniture, wears the ribbon, the prize.”

La BohemeFemaleGift #1 “Here kitty, kitty, kitty….”

La BohemeFemaleGift #2 “I’m holding the other one’s hand!”

Isis BoutiqueFemale – “Ribbons”

Lyrieal’s BoutiqueFemale – “Feeling Berrylicious”

HC CreationsUnisex – “Enjoy a PREMIUM massage in the relaxation room. Search for the “HCC Premium Line ~ Massage Table Romance (Adult)”

Fairey Angel CreationsUnisex – “I am here to help”

Feyline FashionsMale & Female – “You are the Light”

Just PosingUnisex – “Look somewhere that is pink, fluffy, and sweet. Here you will find your treat!”

Grumble – Female – “Find me near the sign”

Nightmare Design – (store closed)

20 thoughts on “I FEEL, YOU FEEL HUNT

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  9. Are there hunt prize pix?

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  11. This place doesn’t exist it seems: Lidocaine – Female – “I do not dance, I do not sing. The noise I make goes cha ching”

  12. Toxic*H – Female – “I stick out my tongue gacha” the link up there does not take you to Toxic H

  13. I Had fun with this hunt!!!

  14. I’m glad all the links and so forth worked out. It was no problem letting you know. I rather they be fixed now then later in the hunt and others getting frustrated.

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