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Welcome to the GIVE THANKS hunt! This hunt consists of a total of 28 gifts, 14 for males, & 14 for females. The first 3 males & the first 3 females to find all gifts & submit to V0na Allen the correct order of gifts will win a prize. All gifts are $0L, so what are you waiting for? Below are hints to help find each item daily. Happy Hunting.

G-Dubs Closet


G-Dubs Closet $0L Gifts
Collect them All

Female (right side)
Gift #1 – “Near designs made for the beach”
Gift #2 – “Female Path: “Raina Model Bot”
Gift #3 – “In a corner not far from accessories”
Gift #4 – “upstairs near hunt board”
Gift #5 – “near subscriber”
Gift #6 – “near Formals”
Gift #7 – “close to costume shop”
Gift #8 – “back wall casuals”
Gift #9 – “inside role play shop”
Gift #10 – “upstairs where 99L designs sold”
Gift #11 – “last row of formals”

Male (left side)
Gift #1 – “Near Sam L Tartan suit”
Gift #2 – “Summer-N-Hamptons Suit”
Gift #3 – “Chesterfield Top Coat”
Gift #4 – “Feeling patriotic?”
Gift #5 – “Ahoy mate!”
Gift #6 – “This clue is Tee-riffic!”
Gift #7 – “Look for this item where stalkers and prey abound!”
Gift #8 – “Look for this item under the zodiac sign for the twins!”
Gift #9 – “Look for this item by Marvelous Mr M!”
Gift #10 – “Look for this item by a outfit for couples that would go well on the Big Island! ”
Gift #11 – “Find this item under the outfit that rhymes with liven”

Shoes, Jacket, Pants Handbag, Dress, Ring, Hats, Mesh Gown are just some of the fabulous FREE items to collect

What are you waiting for…?

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