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WELCOME, to the “Mending Hearts” Hunt. Below is the listing of participators who have put in their time & energy to provide the Grid with wonderful $2L gifts. Do show them your appreciation by visiting them.

GIF Mending Hearts

1. Decadent Courtesan

Hint: The light in the darkness…

2. Heartistic Petites & Heartistic Expressions (2 gifts)
HP Hint: Laying on the ground looking up at the night sky and the cluster of stars is where I love to be…

HE Hint: Well, I went looking for the Days of the week, but I feel through the cracks.

3. Brass Heart Creations
Hint: Mirror Mirror On the wall

4. Oh Shoot (At a glance)
Hint: Rawr! (High Heels)

5. Futterwacken
Hint: You might need a needle & thread if your pants started dropping

6. Flood
Hint: Cancer has touched all our hearts, please give with all of yours

7. Lyrieal’s
Hint: Aww they look so sweet.

8. blah.BLAH.blah
Hint: :If I jot down some notes, and make a quick ring, it should do wonders to mend things

9. Loordes of London (At a glance)
Hint: So many sales! (small room with many signs)

10. Wyldflower
Hint: (Walk to right, cross street)A little tea will soothe a broken heart.

11. Demented Gems
Hint: The silly fun has just begun, find the cow theres more then one, but easy to find, thats the fun!

12. [DOLLY]
Hint: @ Landing, taxi from Cute Bytes to Square – From Square call taxi to Fantasy. Then walk to left over stones, take a breath & claim your prize 🙂

13. Tempting Sinsations
Hint: Don’t you want to be fashioncentric?

14. Bound & Bitten
Hint: have a seat and let out your inner artist

15. Vero Modero
Hint: Relax and get comfy  in mesh to find this gift

16. Hooligan Streetwear
Hint: It looks like the threat rolled around the edges near the new items.

17. FAR Concepts
Hint: When you are mending a heart, you can find it near the soul.

18. Jade Creations
Hint: I just love surprises! Don’t you?

19. Shey Fashion
Hint: I am looking at “Seher” outfit’s vendor

20. Mimsy Manor
Hint: To the right: Before hunt madness makes you snicker, snack beneath the filmstrip’s flicker.

21. Sweet Sin
Hint: Close to table

22. Grim Death Co
Hint: It provides heat and also some light. You will find me with wood that today is not burning bright.

23. Designer Prims
Hint: Head East, make a dash to where the waves crash

24. Earth’s Bangles
Hint: I feel brand new!

25. Le forme
Hint:  Let´s Dance! (I need these to hear my tunes)

26. FireBird Designs
: Top Floor – Like stockings? Have a good look :).

27. The P!nk Bandaid

28. Twishee

29. Serenity in the Sun
Hint: I’m affraid of the dark and heights and I like to hide behind things

30. Star Crossed Weddings
Hint: Oh what a romance we could have…

31. CandyMetal
Hint: “gaga skin” the edge of glory

32. Nexgen
Hint: replica of the place where WW2 Veterans are honored

33. Shapes by Gia Tyles
Hint: Nothing feels better than pure silk…

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