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Sylisan Resident

Catalina Staheli

xKumomix Resident
Female/Unisex – Apparel, Accessories, Poses, Mesh Bodies

Aerlinniel Vella
Female/Male /Unisex – Apparel, Accessories & Home Goods

Gem Henly
Female/Unisex – Apparel Only

Geoffrey Firehawk
Male/Unisex – Apparel Only

LuceMia Resident
Female – Apparel, Hair, Footwear, Make Up & Accessories

Orelana Resident
Female/Unisex – All Items

Vera Fenutzini
Female/Unisex – All Items

Averil Resident
Female – Apparel & Accessories

Sie Verlangen
Female – Apparel mainly but open to other items

Jullie Daines
Female – Apparel & Accessories

Debbie Jasper
Female – All Items

Brianna Beresford
Female – Apparel Only

Teyara Mayo
Female/Unisex – Apparel & Home Goods

Lua Vendetta
Female – Apparel mainly but open to other items

Author: Earth

I'm the founder of NIRVANA PROJECTS which is comprised of WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS and BE HUNTED. WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS is a small store dedicated to the production & distribution of of costume jewelry, home goods, poses anything I am inspired to create. BE HUNTED is a secondlife group that helps designers promote their goods through hunts and other sales events. There is no cost to participate and all are welcomed to join!

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