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WELCOME, to the “Nice To Meet Me!” mini Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $1L gifts for grabs. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the NTMM hunt sign at starting location.  All icons can be found on the main floor of each store. Follow the clues and reap the rewards.


*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting

GIF Nice to Meet Me

Whimsical Happenings – “Oh how nice a FREE gift”
#AboutMe – I LOVE tea, Reading, the color green, alone time & creating whimsical home decor.

Harambee Gwassi – “Over our African TipJar, two tribal masks are watching you!”
#AboutMe – African style is our favorite, but also ‘Fantasy’ and more

Grumble – “Meet our bloggers!”
#AboutMe – LOVES the color black-perfect for casual or formal

Nomiki’s Creations – “You got your chocolate stuck in my peanut butter!!! Nooo you got your peanut butter stuck on my chocolate!”
#AboutMe – One of the things I like doing in SL and in RL is bake!  I love baking deserts, breads and cooking in general in RL.  I love also making food items in SL as well!

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes – “It is a SHANE that the summer is almost over!”
#AboutMe – I love vintage clothing, especially shoes

Ravnous – “Up High”
#AboutMe – I’m Canadian!

ArmaDus Building Designs – “Christmas is my favorite time!”
#AboutMe – My living room is where I like to stay and work on my things most of the evening. Therefore, I thought I’d make something that’s inspired by it.

D&D Dream Designs – “Where do fairy princesses sleep to have their dreams come true?
Big or small — gifts for all zzzzzzz”
#AboutMe – I love fairy tales and happy endings. My 1st love in sl is Demonizzer. My 2nd love is building and my close 2nd love is to DJ.
**Gift for both standard female avi & petites

Jennis Meshandise – “Take a look above before you go upstairs”
#AboutMe – It is my favorite Summer style. A dress which doesn’t show too much but looks still sexy. Oh and I love this color

XL-Creation – “Toss a Penny make a Wish”
#AboutMe – I spend most of my time conjuring up new creations. Everything i build, stays in theme of how I’m feeling at that moment, I love SL Mesh Hairs, and totally addicted to SL shopping.

Madccatcreations Boutique – “Nice to meet you! Are you lucky?”
#AboutMe – Blue and red is my favorite colors and i love hippy prints.. so i made this jacket to represent me ….

SANNA – SCIENCE and ART – “Its NOT nice to meet these people ! (look at Halloween area)”
#AboutMe – I run the largest shop with all kind of animated textures ( fire, water, animals, landscapes, SciFi etc) ! And I love all that sparkles and glitters

Fairey Angel Creations – “Picture me by the butterflies”
#AboutMe – All I truly want in life is more quiet with my husband.

Fi’s Creations – “Enter the store and look for a DEMO box on the right side”
#AboutMe – Pain earth colors, soft fabrics and comfortable cloths, that’s what a virgo needs to feel most comfortable.

Stitches Creations – “Just Horsing around!”
#AboutMe – I love the color blue and also love the beach.  Wish I could live near a beach in RL so next best thing is to live there in SL.


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WELCOME, to the BODY IS A FORTRESS (TBF) hunt. The hunt will run from July 11 – July 22. Below, you will find the locations to the information booths that host the hunt guide book. Retrieve a guidebook and follow the clues to the gifts. This is a $0L hunt so come, learn & enjoy.

Begin Hunting

Buy each icon for $0L. Read each containing nc for the landmark and hint to the next hidden icon. Once you have found all the hidden icons, you will reach then end of the hunt, where you can pick up all gifts. Each icon is different! For a guide visit Whimsical Happenings and touch the Body is a Fortress sign.

Stone’s Work
Nomiki’s Creations
Whimsical Happenings
madcatcreations boutique
Hopes Creations
Bodhi Clothing
D&D Dream Designs
Feyline Fashions
Perfect Seduction

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WELCOME, to the “TEAing OFF” mini Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $1L gifts for grabs. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the TEAing OFF hunt sign at starting location.  All icons can be found on the main floor of each store. Follow the clues and reap the rewards. Be sure to vote on which store had the best gift/gifts, poll is on the right.


Teaing Off GIF

Store: Whimsical Happenings Hint: “I am running out of TIME to READ”

Store: Nomiki Creations Hint: “With the sun pounding down on me all you’d need is water to steep me!”

Store: Hatter ‘n Hell Hint: ” Aaaaahhhchoooo! Didn’t I tell you I am allergic to feathers?” Hint: “Aaaaww. Babies are so very very cute”

Store: Facepalm Hint: “I have evil thoughts before I have my tea”

Store: Harambee Gwassi Hint: “I’m easy to find: look at the Fashion & Jewelry Shop!”

Store: 5BY5 Hint: “You must slink away to find it……”

Store: Tempestuous Hint: “Mmmm, boots make a nice inexpensive gift”

Store: French Vintage Clothing Hint: “Waltz Clothing”

Store: [:Rad Designz:] Hint: “Have a Seat and grab a cuppa Tea!”

Store: Bees Heaven Shop Hint: “Tea is tasty but orange juice at grandma’s dining room is yummy too”

Store: Mutiny In Heaven Hint: “Check with the busty Lady”

Store: Tiffany Designs Hint: “You can find me at the entrance, behind the teleporter!”

Store: Grumble Hint: “Cha-Ching!”

Store: Shabby Tabby Hint: “I have no clean cups for tea!”

Store: Pink And Zain’s Wedding Store Hint: “Though not a queen, we can still have tea with Elizabeth!”

Store: Nerdology Hint: “WHO are you hunting with?”

Store: Serendipity Designs Hint: “Stay warm and get to the heart of the matter in the new Soho Living room”

Store: ToXic Hint: “Sit down and get comfy….”

Store: SIGMA Jewels Hint: “Butterfly”

 **Hunters, if you have any trouble with the icons at any store, please contact Earth Nirvana

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AUGUST HUNTS (Participant)

Far Hunt Group

Hunt @ Whimsical Happenings

HINT: “My name isn’t Smokey but I am still a bear”


NOP Events

Hunt @ Whimsical Happenings

HINT: “singing stairway to heaven…lol naw not really but you will need them to find me”


Kastle Rock Hunts

Hunt @ Whimsical Happenings

HINT: “Find me on the right hand side near the “Verve”