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WELCOME to the “Outside the Box” hunt! Below you will find a list of merchants who have put in time & energy to bring the grid some great Geeky items for only $2L. At starting location pick up store listing & landmarks. There is no particular order, hunt as you see fit but do show love to all the merchants. Thank You

After the hunt Rate Us!

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Outside The Box Hunt GIF

(Starting point – Pick up merchant landmarks)

HINT:If you knew what was NEW – what is NEW, would you know what side of the post you were on?”

HINT:Which corner will you find me in?”

HINT: “Exercise your right to vote”

HINT: MENS: “Voodoo dolls need love too”

HINT: WOMENS: “Birdcages are for sitting, right?”

HINT: “I’m feeling I gotta sit my butt down in the chair”

HINT:Please see hint box for the latest hint!”

HINT:Out side the box? How about up a Tree!!”

HINT:Be on Guard”

HINT:“Honey I’m Home and I had a hard day. Just want to sit on my rocking chair and watch some TV …. but Hey! It does not work! Let me check if the plug is attached behind here …”

HINT:Have a seat and puzzle”

HINT:Somebody Stop me”

HINT:To get your “Geek On”, check the Hunt Hints”

HINT:Around one of the four pillars in the corner girls!”

HINT:Look near the hunt poster”

HINT:I can be so unpredictable!” (will need to use teleporter)

HINT: “Outside the box and on a fire escape to be exact! Think i saw those in the Grumble plaza”

HINT: “Who do you call to get zombies?”  (will need to use teleporter)


HINT: Men: “I’m among the jewelry Hut, where the butterflies fly!”

HINT: Womens: “Look here in front, near the African ‘Tip Jar’!”

HINT:Pretty up your hands!”

HINT:A Lama need Light to read…”

HINT: “The Back Door”

HINT: “Check out the rug area and take a seat on the “HCC Round Sisal Rug (Single)”

HINT: “When the sunrise and your dreams will come true”

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