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BE HUNTED {BH} is a group for store owners to promote their businesses through specially low priced or free prize hunts. {BH} is also a group for hunters to receive information on current and upcoming hunts.

  1. There is NO COST to participate.
  2. Owners must be willing to provide QUALITY items for low cost or for free.
  3. All stores are welcomed!

This group aims to create a mutually-beneficial bond among its participators–not just through hunts but also by supporting each other so that we can all grow creatively & financially.

If you are interested in participating {BH}, contact Earth Nirvana via e-mail.


BE HUNTED, starting in September 2014 will narrow its focus to 3 grid-wide hunts a year.  Limiting our focus will allow for more planning time, bigger promotions & more outreach to upcoming merchants. BE HUNTED focusing its attention to expanding its reach will hopefully result in bigger & better hunts. If time permits one or two mini hunts with a max of 10 merchants will go on the calendar .  Hunts for a cause (ex. Relay for Life SL) however, will always get BE HUNTED’s full attention & top priority! Charity is good for the soul and BE HUNTED believes in doing its part. Grid-wide hunts will take place in the months of February, October & November.  Hunts will run for a longer periods, giving hunters more opportunity to explore.

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