BE HUNTED Presents

Swarm of Decor Hunt
(For the Autumn enthusiast)

Mini Hunt Max 15 stores

Application deadline: Oct 10th

✯ Starts: Oct 19th
✯ Ends: Nov 2nd
✯ Hunt ($5L)

Hunt images are REQUIRED!
1:1 ratio ie 512×512, 700×700, 1024×1024 – you get it!

Theme: Autumn Decor (Things for the home)

Hunt items should…
– be BRAND NEW!!
– NOT be items in other hunts, freebies or give-a-way events
– be creative & stretch the imagination, people enjoy different
– reflect the quality of your work & store

This is about you! Put some thought & time into your creations.

Apply Inworld or Online


To add a fun, competitive spin to the event, each merchant will be tested on his or her ability to raise funds for the cause. At the conclusion of the hunt, the top 3 earners will receive a gift package by sponsors.

*Last store check will be 10/31 & at 12 AM the winners will be picked & notified

**Note all MSABC committee members are disqualified from competition, yes that includes me

 STORES  WEEK #19/28 WEEK #210/5 WEEK #310/12 WEEK #410/19 WEEK #510/26
 American Cancer Society  $92L
 [Earth's]  $64L
 StoraxTree  $110L
 Deluxe Body Factory  $210L
 Lidocaine  $50L
Wishing Well Industries $75L
VG Shoes $66L
 Dee’s Designs $60L
 Stitches Creations  $50L
 Dragon Pavilion  $52L
 2Peas  $68L
 Dressed by Lexi  $156L
 Glint  $58L
Shadow Dreams  $54L
 USC Textures  $44L
 Digital Dezines $42L
 Lightening Video
 Corrupted $66L
 Winsome Twins $58L
 Pomposity  $48L
 Minx Designs $34L
 Artic Storm  $44L
 L’Amour Model Productions  $38L
 Nefeli’s Gestures  #34L
 Cake Fox
Coffee Whore $74L
 Gemstone Breedables  $34L
 Phat Bottom Girls $58L
 Gor-jus Animations  $2L
ND/MD $40L
 Iron Tiger $52L
 La Boheme $342L
 Isis Boutique $36L
 Lyrieal’s Boutique  $78L
 HC Creations  $52L
 Fairey Angel Creations $36L
 Feyline Fashions  $60L
 Just Posing  $48L
 Grumble  $20L
 Nightmare Design $30L


MSABC & Be Hunted Event

Store listing & hints

Create what is in your heart. Stretch your creative limits. All items are welcomed. Items DO NOT have to be all pink. Consider making both a male & female gift or a unisex item. This hunt is for everyone. Breast cancer affects everyone. Let’s create for a cure.

Special Thanks
Joshuan BanxEzmerelda OpteraSpooky Mistwallow,  Avari CarrascoTaki KujisawaAllie Munro

These organizers allowed me to promote an event that was not their own, in their groups. They saw the bigger picture, the bigger cause and I greatly appreciate them

AUGUST HUNTS (Participant)


Far Hunt Group

Hunt @ [Earth's]

HINT: “My name isn’t Smokey but I am still a bear”



Sour Pickles

Hunt @ [Earth's]

HINT: “What!! only $3L for 2 purses? Yes, but only for a LIMITED time only”


NOP Events

Hunt @ [Earth's]

HINT: “singing stairway to heaven…lol naw not really but you will need them to find me”


Kastle Rock Hunts

Hunt @ [Earth's]

HINT: “Find me on the right hand side near the “Verve”

BE HUNTED CALENDAR: narrowing our focus

BE HUNTED, starting in September 2014 will narrow its focus to 3 grid-wide hunts a year.  Limiting our focus will allow for more planning time, bigger promotions & more outreach to upcoming merchants. BE HUNTED focusing its attention to expanding its reach will hopefully result in bigger & better hunts. If time permits one or two mini hunts with a max of 10 merchants will go on the calendar .  Hunts for a cause (ex. Relay for Life SL) however, will always get BE HUNTED’s full attention & top priority! Charity is good for the soul and BE HUNTED believes in doing its part. Grid-wide hunts will take place in the months of January, May & September.  Hunts will run for a longer periods, giving hunters more opportunity to explore.

BE HUNTED’s September event will be the “Fill In the Blanks” hunt. Applications are available Inworld & Online





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THEME: Patterns!!
Polka Dots, Stripes, Swirly things oh my!

- Choose a pattern, any pattern you like, any color you like and run with it
– What is a pattern you ask – a repeated decorative design
– Stripes, Dots & Swirlies are just examples. Be creative!

Each merchant is to make 2 gifts, one that will be solely for RFL Charity & the other for personal profit. The RFL item will be for  $3L with ALL profits going to the American Cancer Society. The “Me” item will be for $1L with the profit going to you, the merchant.

- Items must fit the theme
– Gifts may be items already made but texture/color must be exclusive to hunt!
– Gifts can be all male, all female, all unisex or a combination
Example: The RFL gift can be male & the “Me” gift, female…etc
– Gifts should not be items used in other hunts, give-a-ways or freebie events
Remember this about you & your business. Cheat a hunter/shopper & they will not return

For application IM Earth Nirvana or visit [Earth's] to pick one up



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Allow me to re-introduce my brand! Welcome to the “The Girl With The Big Earrings pt #1″ store hunt. There are 10 brand new items to be found using hints below! All items can be found @ [Earth's]

Happy Hunting!

1. TGWTBE #1
Hint: “Earth’s established in ’10 was known as Earth’s Bangles

2. TGWTBE #2
Hint: “Defining Music is not just a ‘BE HUNTED’ hunt, its a tank

3. TGWTBE #3
Hint: “This item was made for National Hot Tea Month”

4. TGWTBE #4
Hint: “The Best Foot Forward Hunt was nominated 2x in Jan 2014 for a Huntie Award”

5. TGWTBE #5
Hint:Rules for using my vendors”

6. TGWTBE #6
Hint: “Business owner, mother & wife to Shon, also the name of a bag”

7. TGWTBE #7
Hint: “No Group space? Touch subscriber

8. TGWTBE #8
Hint: “I pride myself on being inclusive” (few items called Pride)

9. TGWTBE #9
Hint: “When organizing hunts I am hands on”

10. TGWTBE #10
Hint: “After Bangles & Earrings, I branched out to Rings

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For the Love of Earth Series



Look at what my love is doing for me in honor of V-day….be jealous!


A very special day is coming… Valentine’s Day.

And for that day of lovers and love and chocolate and flowers and enough romance to fill you until next year’s V-Day, I decided to share my love for my beautiful, talented, sweet, funny, and slightly crazy better-half, Earth Nirvana-Charisma.

From today until V-Day, I will be posting a few pics of me wearing my wifey’s wares, and sharing a fond memory of why I love her so much.

- Shon Nirvana Charisma

For the Love of Earth – Day 1

For the Love of Earth – Day 2

For the Love of Earth – Day 3

For the Love of Earth – Day 4

For the Love of Earth – Day 5

——V-day (2013)

NEW HUNT ALERT!! [Hauntingly Cute] w/ Nagida Soulstar


Shine Creations presents…..

Poster 512

Shine Creations has a new hunt
that is sure to be a hoot
With Halloween items, maybe witches, ghouls & goblins
It’s sure to be Hauntingly Cute

So come come merchants one and all
and bring your imaginations in tow
Keeping with the Halloween theme
Note the time-line & other information below



( for Men, Women & Petites)
Starts: October 15th
Ends: November 15th
Hunt Gifts: $3L
THEME: Anything related to Halloween!
(ex. Goth, Vampire, Punk…)

*Must be a Shine Creations merchant to participate!

If you want to participate but you are NOT currently a Shine Creations merchant, you can rent 1 of 5 open slots available for the duration of the hunt

SHOPS: 50 Prims –  $100L / week
Shop #3              Shop #16            Shop #19              Shop #23



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