For the Love of Earth Series



Look at what my love is doing for me in honor of V-day….be jealous!


A very special day is coming… Valentine’s Day.

And for that day of lovers and love and chocolate and flowers and enough romance to fill you until next year’s V-Day, I decided to share my love for my beautiful, talented, sweet, funny, and slightly crazy better-half, Earth Nirvana-Charisma.

From today until V-Day, I will be posting a few pics of me wearing my wifey’s wares, and sharing a fond memory of why I love her so much.

- Shon Nirvana Charisma

For the Love of Earth – Day 1

For the Love of Earth – Day 2

For the Love of Earth – Day 3

For the Love of Earth – Day 4

For the Love of Earth – Day 5

——V-day (2013)

NEW HUNT ALERT!! [Hauntingly Cute] w/ Nagida Soulstar


Shine Creations presents…..

Poster 512

Shine Creations has a new hunt
that is sure to be a hoot
With Halloween items, maybe witches, ghouls & goblins
It’s sure to be Hauntingly Cute

So come come merchants one and all
and bring your imaginations in tow
Keeping with the Halloween theme
Note the time-line & other information below



( for Men, Women & Petites)
Starts: October 15th
Ends: November 15th
Hunt Gifts: $3L
THEME: Anything related to Halloween!
(ex. Goth, Vampire, Punk…)

*Must be a Shine Creations merchant to participate!

If you want to participate but you are NOT currently a Shine Creations merchant, you can rent 1 of 5 open slots available for the duration of the hunt

SHOPS: 50 Prims –  $100L / week
Shop #3              Shop #16            Shop #19              Shop #23


GET THE LOOK #1: The Feel of Autumn


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I draw inspiration from everything & everyone. Once in a while I feel compelled to blog & share with the SL world. Or at least those smart enough to follow my blog :) Whether the item is a freebie, hunt item or high fashion, I put time and love into each picture. I am no photographer or Photoshop expert but I do what I can simply out of love for creation.

Earth Nirvana

GET THE LOOK #1 –  (The Feel of Autumn)

Dress by Siryelle’s Dreams Fashion by Tempura Decors – “Insatiable Dress” – $400L

Shoes by Kiki Designs – “Coqueta” Heels (Black) – $100L

Necklace Set by Earth’s - “Mosh” (Pearl) – $11L  (includes bracelets)

Hair by  PM :: PurpleMoon Creations - “Dew”  w/ strings – $40L

Sitting Pose by Bounce This Poses – “Girl Sitting” –  $2L  ($0L inworld)

Standing pose by Fudge – “Lovey day for a stroll” – $0L

Backwards pose by Fudge – “Pose #2″ Bonus gift – $0L

Shoe pose by [Shelle] Poses – “Shoe check”

Autumn Crates by Awesome Blossom – “AB Autumn Harvest Crates”

2012 N-Core/Hucci Contest Entry


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2012 N-Core/Hucci Contest Entry

::HH:: Hucci Skyline Dress – Steel Blue
::HH:: Hucci Noni Dress – Red

N-core Casting “Bordeaux”

Tazzel Ei Bangles

Maitreya Uma – Walnut

[H] Silver Arm Fur

Styled, Modeled, and Photographed by Earth Nirvana

Picture submitted to N-Core Hucci Contest 2012


Modeling Hucci Ladder Dress – Honeysuckle Pink and N-core’s POISON

Photography by Earth Nirvana
Model: Shon Charisma

When Bae Met Bunny: An Anatomy of a Working SL Relationship (Bae’s Version)

Earth: “Love that shirt sistah”

Shon: “Aw, thanks! I picked it up a while ago, but love wearing it”

Earth: “Considering I made it…that is great to hear”

Shon: “Ha! Now that’s funny to me. I had a FEELING you made it”

This was all that was needed for a bond to blossom……

Our courtship was slow but steady and a complete surprise.  When we initially met, I was already involved with someone, so I was not looking for anything beyond a friendship but ended up with more than anticipated.   Banter over Facebook pictures led to a revealed interest in my products, which gave birth to a full fledge Second Life enquirer (SLE) interview.  Through the interviewing process, I was able to learn more about her not just as a writer but her interest in cinematography.

From the moment she opened up about her passions, I was all in, totally captivated by  the fact her interest extended beyond clubbing. I knew I had to learn more but at the same time keep my boundaries as to not disrespect my current situation.

Within a short period of time, Shon became part of my SL experience, the idea that I would not spend time with her inworld bothered me in some small way.  It amazed me, and still amazes me to the day that I have met someone I could break the morning sky with, play & work with, indulge whims with…..

Time with her is time well spent.

Enter a break up..

Moving with ease & certainty, I seek to spend even more time with the woman that would later become my Bunny. Whether it was spending time with hers, now mine kids, shopping or watching her perform with UNITY, my SL experience had more purpose.

Fast forward….

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I have the opportunity to spent one-on-one time with Shon’s 2 girls, Vae & Saphire. Shon gets the chance to meet my two girls Karma & Coco and even my new grand babies. The family unit is coming together….

BUT..then I learn from Shon, she is not interested in a romantic relationship. I figure my chances with her are nil, so I settle on the friendship. I was willing to take her in whatever capacity worked for her.

Fast forward to November….

The holidays are in full swing & I was surprisingly invited attend dinner @ the Charisma estates with Vae, Saphire & Shon that would ultimately change the course of my experience. After dinner but before dessert, Shon Charisma ask if I would be her girlfriend, check yes or no.

Vae, got hold of the marker before I had a chance to check a box, so I simply said Yes!

November 23, 2011 Shon Charisma & Earth Nirvana offically became a couple. We had our official coming out party “Hip Hop is Dead” December 29th but that story is for another day….

For now, we are happy, healthy & creatively in-sync.  ♥

Bunny’s Version

COMFORT: Break Out & Try Something New


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“falling fashion forward..”


“Amongst friends..”


Dress – Elemiah Design – Doudou 02

Bracelets – Earth’s - Sapele Squares (Brown) – $55L

Earrings - Earth’s - Whimsy XO - $42L

Scene – Designer Prims - Comfort is Home (Skybox)
(Prims: 45 (Shell only), Prims: 116 (House, Lighting & Furniture), Texture Change menu, Security Management system & Fully animated furniture


“the night time is my write time”


Pants - IrEn - Comfy sweat pants (Olive)
(Sizes: Curvy, Large, Medium & Small)

Bracelets - Earth’s - MM Bangles #3 (Copper) – $18L

Earrings - Earth’s - Bea Dazzles (Maroon) – $30L

Wall Decal - Designer Prims - Inspirational
“Although the world is full of suffering it is also full of the overcoming of it”

Prop/Pose - Baglady Design - Writing
(Perfect sitter, no poseballs, Adjustable for varying avatar sizes, 7-prims, Multi-Sit animations, & option for wearable pencil)


“Left to my own devices..”


“Outside looking into infinite possibilities..”

Earth’s  @ Marketplace

THE BUNNY HUNT(My Valentine)


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Conjuring the Valentine spirit, I questioned what I could do for my Valentine that would be memorable, fun with a touch of uniqueness. Candy & flowers doesn’t quite capture the words I wish to convey to a woman who has made my SL all the more interesting & beautiful.

FINALLY, it hit me!  A Hunt! I mean Hello! Its only my second life’s work. So, on our Valentine’s Day (Feb 17th) I will present my Bunny with a hunt of her very own!


HUNT - Bunny Vday 2013_2

At each location highlighted in dark blue seek out the clues highlighted in light blue

With a little help from Sonia Sanchez & Nikki Giovanni

Go here

“I do not drink my caffeine in small bottles of 5-hour energy boosters. I prefer the slow, steam rising cup of black coffee

Burdens of the poem is that the casualties are not just those who die in war, but all of those left behind”

“Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day – Don’t look now, I’m fading away..”

Now Here

“i practice feeling, what i can express, and none of it is equal i know, but that’s why mankind alone among the animals learns to cry”

“hyacinth shower, leaving afrodisiacs, on my parted lips”

“I always like summer Best you can eat fresh corn From daddy’s garden And okra And greens And cabbage And lots of Barbeque

And yes here

“wrap you in the red Black green show you off to mama”

“I got hot and sent an ice age to Europe to cool my thirst

“I gave my son hannibal an elephant, He gave me rome for mother’s day”

Finish it up here


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