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Welcome to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boobie Full Hunt/ Fundraiser. Below is a list of merchants providing gifts with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting. Some icons may be hidden while others are clearly visible. Please do what you can to help us in our efforts to support such a worthy cause.

*Tip. Right click store names, choose copy link address, paste in SL for easy teleporting

Whimsical Happenings – “Like Linus, you can find me in the pumpkin patch”
Design - Giftcard - WH No Price $100L
Cost: $2L

Feyline Fashions – “Tic toc Ladies! time is running out!”
Feyline Fashions
Cost: $2L

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop – “Near the sign”
3 Bathing Suits 'Sexy Hawaiian style' PIC
Cost: $2L

Perfect Seduction – “What’s better Boobies or Sales?”
Cost: $10L

VIPs Creations – “Wwoowow! What a Halloween group gift is this! Halloween everywhere!!”
Bee Tizzy Male Female
Cost: $2L

Paramour Studios – “Stop calling me a MANnequin; I’m a Lady!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

boobs hunt picture
Cost: $2L

Artic Storm – “Between the French and the Fantasy!”
Cost: $2L

Stone’s Work – “A great place to warm your hands!”

Cost: $25L

Star*Crossed Weddings(TM) – “Have a cup of coffee or some ice cream while you hunt!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

La Boheme – “No one here but me and these pumpkin heads!”
LB Nail Ad OMNI BCAwareness
Cost: $2L

Holli Pocket – “It’s all about yOu!”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

[HC] Hope Creations – “I Dare You”
[HC] MSABC Babydoll
Cost: $2L

Carries’s Lingerie – “Who framed Carrie’s photos?”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Sweet Tea Couture – “One of Us …… One of us….”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Pomposity – “Below a tumbler”
No picture provided
Cost: $2L

Moonstar – “A tiny place for Hallowe’en …”
Passion Lingerie Set by Moonstar
Cost: $2L


Author: Earth Nirvana

I'm the founder of NIRVANA PROJECTS which is comprised of WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS and BE HUNTED. WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS is a small store dedicated to the production & distribution of of costume jewelry, home goods, poses anything I am inspired to create. BE HUNTED is a secondlife group that helps designers promote their goods through hunts and other sales events. There is no cost to participate and all are welcomed to join!

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