Nirvana Projects

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3. Whimsical Happenings

WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS, A small shop dedicated to the production & distribution of costume & fashion accessories. You can find contemporary and vintage pieces with cultural identities. In addition to jewelry, WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGSoffers a range of products from handbags to manicures, and now home decor all for the $33L or below price.

Below are items offered @WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS either inworld or on marketplace

[Pose/Prop] - One Cup A Day [Home Goods] - Hanging Hearts Tree w/ HUD [Jewelry] - Iridescent Ares w/ Color HUD [Pose/Prop] - Lady On A Red Crate [Jewelry] - Pride (Unisex) [Jewelry] - Vintage Chic (Gold & Silver Sets) [Manicure] - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  [Jewelry] - A La Mak (silver series) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Ornami w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Loupe w/ Texture HUD [Home Goods] - Laundry Day  [Jewelry] - Ada Ele w/ Color HUD   [Home Goods] - Relax, Read & Release w/ Color & Texture HUD [Home Goods] - Friends & Family w/ Color & Texture HUDs [Handbag] - Cubix [Home Goods] - Honey for Honey [Jewelry] - Harmony (silver) [Jewelry] - Dangles (Silver) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Kreme  [Sh*ts & Giggles] - Unisex Snake Drawls [Home Goods] - Boo Bottles w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - A La Mak (gold series) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - AF Spikes w/ Color & Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Bea Dazzles w/ Color HUD [Apparel] - Blazee Short w/ Color HUD [Apparel] - Kiss Me w/ Texture HUD [Apparel] - Bowie Nu w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Whimsical - XO's [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Rube's Cube [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Save Me [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Stay Thirsty [Neko Set] - Me for Her w/ Color & Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Between Gray [Home Goods] - Love Bottles w/ HUD [Jewelry] - Honey Bee w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Big As Ankhs w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Psycho w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Geek w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Star w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Lover w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Big Link [Jewelry] - Rhodium w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Bitchin' (Gold) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Bitchin' (Silver) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Boobies w/ Color HUD [Apparel] - Blair Gauchos w/ Color & Texture HUD [Home Goods] - Pumpkin of Three w/ Color HUD [Home Goods] - Pumpkin Flame w/ Color HUD [Home Goods] - Candle & Acorns w/ Color HUD [Handbag] - Boxer Purse w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Calla w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Butterfly Affection w/ Texture HUD [Apparel] - Strapless w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - City Jazz w/ Color HUD [Handbag] - Shon Clutch w/ Color & Texture HUD   [Jewelry] - Crossed Her w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Daisy  [Jewelry] - Colours Two [Jewelry] - Colours One [Jewelry] - Dangle Mezclar [Jewelry] - Diamante w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Three Colors w/ Color & Texture HUDs [Jewelry] - Dance Celebration w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Clous Sets [Handbag] - Unisex Elephant Brief w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Dunbar Watch (Female) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Dunbar Watch (Male) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Ethia  [Jewelry] - Dubois Watch (Male) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Dangles (Gold) w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Ankh Bands w/ Texture HUD [Home Goods] - Potted Presents [Home Goods] - Holiday Snow Cabins [Home Goods] - Whimsical Tree - Jolly [Home Goods] - Surviving Wall Decal w/ Flowers [Handbag] - Junyabag w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Hehet w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Girls Feathered [Jewelry] - Glitter Bolts [Home Goods] - Home Shelf #1 [Apparel] - Sweater Crop w/  [Home Goods] - Whimsical Tree - Blue Funk (HUD ONLY) -  [Jewelry] - Surri Bracelets [Home Goods] - Santa's Cookies [Footwear] - Stripe Rubbish w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - L7 Goba [Jewelry] - Zoey Bracelets [Apparel] - Two Tone Leggin's (5) Pairs [Apparel] - Carnie Val Leggin's (6) Pairs [Apparel] - Tribal Leggin's (5) Pairs [Apparel] - Ragin' Leggin's (6) Pairs [Apparel] - Festive Leggin's (6) Pairs [Apparel] - Flash Leggin's (5) Pairs Tally [Home Goods] - BUILDING - Writer's Shed [Jewelry] - Stunt Woman [Jewelry] - Pride (Unisex) Wristband [Apparel] - Wrap-A-Round w/ HUD [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Do Not Disturb [Jewelry] - Verve Facial Piercings [Home Goods] - Tree Lot Decor  [Footwear] - Tip -Toe Sugar w/ HUD [Home Goods] - The Reader w/ Texture HUD [Pose/Prop] - Tea Cup Beauty w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Studdy Earrings w/ HUD (Gender Neutral) (HUD ONLY) -  [Apparel] - Strapless w/ Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Simple Golds Bracelets [Jewelry] - Simple Coppers Bracelets [Jewelry] - Simple Silvers Bracelets [Jewelry] - Shari Moon w/ HUD [Jewelry] - Flora w/ Color HUD [Handbag] - Muerto w/ Texture HUD

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