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WELCOME, to the “TEAing OFF” mini Hunt. Below is a list of merchants providing $1L gifts for grabs. Each store is hyperlinked for easy teleporting but you can also pick up a full hunt listing by touching the TEAing OFF hunt sign at starting location.  All icons can be found on the main floor of each store. Follow the clues and reap the rewards. Be sure to vote on which store had the best gift/gifts, poll is on the right.


Teaing Off GIF

Store: Whimsical Happenings Hint: “I am running out of TIME to READ”

Store: Nomiki Creations Hint: “With the sun pounding down on me all you’d need is water to steep me!”

Store: Hatter ‘n Hell Hint: ” Aaaaahhhchoooo! Didn’t I tell you I am allergic to feathers?” Hint: “Aaaaww. Babies are so very very cute”

Store: Facepalm Hint: “I have evil thoughts before I have my tea”

Store: Harambee Gwassi Hint: “I’m easy to find: look at the Fashion & Jewelry Shop!”

Store: 5BY5 Hint: “You must slink away to find it……”

Store: Tempestuous Hint: “Mmmm, boots make a nice inexpensive gift”

Store: French Vintage Clothing Hint: “Waltz Clothing”

Store: [:Rad Designz:] Hint: “Have a Seat and grab a cuppa Tea!”

Store: Bees Heaven Shop Hint: “Tea is tasty but orange juice at grandma’s dining room is yummy too”

Store: Mutiny In Heaven Hint: “Check with the busty Lady”

Store: Tiffany Designs Hint: “You can find me at the entrance, behind the teleporter!”

Store: Grumble Hint: “Cha-Ching!”

Store: Shabby Tabby Hint: “I have no clean cups for tea!”

Store: Pink And Zain’s Wedding Store Hint: “Though not a queen, we can still have tea with Elizabeth!”

Store: Nerdology Hint: “WHO are you hunting with?”

Store: Serendipity Designs Hint: “Stay warm and get to the heart of the matter in the new Soho Living room”

Store: ToXic Hint: “Sit down and get comfy….”

Store: SIGMA Jewels Hint: “Butterfly”

 **Hunters, if you have any trouble with the icons at any store, please contact Earth Nirvana


Author: Earth Nirvana

I'm the founder of NIRVANA PROJECTS which is comprised of WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS and BE HUNTED. WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS is a small store dedicated to the production & distribution of of costume jewelry, home goods, poses anything I am inspired to create. BE HUNTED is a secondlife group that helps designers promote their goods through hunts and other sales events. There is no cost to participate and all are welcomed to join!

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