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AUGUST HUNTS (Participant)

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Far Hunt Group

Hunt @ [Earth’s]

HINT: “My name isn’t Smokey but I am still a bear”


NOP Events

Hunt @ [Earth’s]

HINT: “singing stairway to heaven…lol naw not really but you will need them to find me”


Kastle Rock Hunts

Hunt @ [Earth’s]

HINT: “Find me on the right hand side near the “Verve”

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Author: Earth Nirvana-Charisma

I'm the founder of NIRVANA PROJECTS which is comprised of EARTH'S and BE HUNTED. On my blog, I share my creations offered at [Earth's] for female avatars, hunts & events I participate in or organize under {BH}, interviews and guest posts, tidbits of life with my wife & kids, and occasionally blurt my sociocultural observations.

One thought on “AUGUST HUNTS (Participant)

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