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THE BUNNY HUNT(My Valentine)

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Conjuring the Valentine spirit, I questioned what I could do for my Valentine that would be memorable, fun with a touch of uniqueness. Candy & flowers doesn’t quite capture the words I wish to convey to a woman who has made my SL all the more interesting & beautiful.

FINALLY, it hit me!  A Hunt! I mean Hello! Its only my second life’s work. So, on our Valentine’s Day (Feb 17th) I will present my Bunny with a hunt of her very own!


At each location highlighted in dark blue seek out the clues highlighted in light blue

With a little help from Sonia Sanchez & Nikki Giovanni

Go here

“I do not drink my caffeine in small bottles of 5-hour energy boosters. I prefer the slow, steam rising cup of black coffee

Burdens of the poem is that the casualties are not just those who die in war, but all of those left behind”

“Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day – Don’t look now, I’m fading away..”

Now Here

“i practice feeling, what i can express, and none of it is equal i know, but that’s why mankind alone among the animals learns to cry”

“hyacinth shower, leaving afrodisiacs, on my parted lips”

“I always like summer Best you can eat fresh corn From daddy’s garden And okra And greens And cabbage And lots of Barbeque

And yes here

“wrap you in the red Black green show you off to mama”

“I got hot and sent an ice age to Europe to cool my thirst

“I gave my son hannibal an elephant, He gave me rome for mother’s day”

Finish it up here

Author: Earth

I'm the founder of NIRVANA PROJECTS which is comprised of WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS and BE HUNTED. WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS is a small store dedicated to the production & distribution of of costume jewelry, home goods, poses anything I am inspired to create. BE HUNTED is a secondlife group that helps designers promote their goods through hunts and other sales events. There is no cost to participate and all are welcomed to join!

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