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Mending Hearts Hunt

Apply Inworld @ Earth’s

Start: Mar 18
Ends: Mar 31
Hunt: $2L
Application deadline: Feb 18th


– Each store owner is encouraged to create an AD, for posting on various social media forums. If you need help creating an AD please IM me inworld for assistance. Your AD should SELL your store, your products, talent etc. Images are to be 1:1 ratio & no smaller than 500×500 pixels.  Once posted, additional information about your store ex SLurl can be added.  See EXAMPLE

– Sign placement in store is a MUST! It helps promote the hunt. And a successful hunt is what we all want, so do your part to aid in Be Hunted reaching more participants. (New sign (2 prim) will be sent via group shortly)

– This time around, I ask that all participants hide their item & provide a hint to its location. Be creative, have fun.

– Once again I will post on the blog & now Flickr images of hunt items. I ask that all images be a 1:1 ratio and no smaller than 400 x400. If you need help creating an image for your item, please contact me.

– I ask that all participants be diligent in sticking with the above time line. Making this hunt a success will take effort on both of our parts. I am using different avenues to hopefully reach a larger audience, I ask that you all do the same. Promote your store! Be active.

Each store owner should be able to send out messages in the Be Hunted Group. If anyone does not have this capability, please contact me. Each owner can send out 1 message a week & make 1 facebook post a week about things relating to store; sales, new items, MM board etc. This allowance is NOT just during hunt events but any time. Utilize this opportunity.

I am learning that social media can play a huge role in the promotion of a business, so in keeping with the times, below are sites which Be Hunted is affiliated.


Feel free to request connection. If you have a blog, pass me the url


– Take advantage of free press/promotion opportunities

– Talk with other BH store owners,trade signs & LMs help promote each other

– Place ADs. Don’t have much monies place a classified for $50L a week, it helps

– Get involved with social media

– Offer quality free item

– Not a blogger, look into blogger groups to have items reviewed

(Most do it in exchange for a free item to review)

– Lastly & most important, help a small or struggling store owner, may not do anything for you financially but damn if it doesn’t do wonders for the human spirit

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