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Defining Music Hunt

Apply Inworld @ Earth’s

Start: May 20th
Ends: June 10th
Hunt: $5L
Application deadline: Nov 11th


Theme: Consider what music had meant in your life and conceptualize it. (ie Favorite artist, song, maybe music brings hope to your us…)

Item must be new & exclusive to the hunt during above dates. NO resells, NO BIAB

Starting location: To Be Determined

Store Order: Listing will be randomly picked in a drawing

Bloggers: Male – (LawrenceD Resident) & Female – (Daian Resident) *no relation hehe

Images Size: Maintain 1:1 ratio ie (500×500)

Hints: Use lyrics from a song  & Artist (example – “Billy Jean is not my Lover…Micheal Jackson) and maybe the item is hidden near a pair of jeans. Hint MUST be relevant. Don’t use a portion of lyrics that has nothing to do with hidden location.

Calendar of Important Dates

– Each store participate has an opportunity to create an AD/promotion for his/her store. Promotion can be text accompanied by one (1) picture (1:1 ratio) or a texture (1:1 ratio) to be posted on associated BH social media sites

– I use various advertising avenues magazines, blogs, groups, social media, etc.. to promote for hunts but do not forget to promote your individual store, as I promote as a group/whole.

– An event will be created on Facebook as well as inworld. If you are on facebook, do invite friends.

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