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Casket Sharp Hunt (Listing)

WELCOME, to the “Casket Sharp” Hunt. Below are the list of participators who have put in their time & energy to provide the Grid with wonderful $2L gifts. Do show them your appreciation by visiting them & paying &2L for their efforts. Click on BagLady Designs & head to starting location

This hunt has items for both male & female avi’s. Below each listing is labeled as having either a female, male or unisex item

1. BagLady Design
 HINT: “All hands on deck”

2. Nekolicious
 HINT: “The Master sits wherever the Master wants to sit!” (tip) angle your cam up and look strait down

3. 2KILL4
 HINT: “These SKULL CRUSHERZ will Walk all over you” (tip) Dungeon

 HINT: “What Happens in VEGAS stays in VEGAS”

5. Timeless Textures

 HINT: “all of SKULLY’s friends had to agree, he was most definitely the best dressed ghoul at the HALLOWEEN party” (tip) Look in Holiday section

6. Moondance Boutique
  HINT: “Bright lights can always cause people to look in the direction”

 HINT: “The skull alot of times can be a mans best friend.”

7. Wild Serenity
 HINT:  “My teeth are sharp, don’t worry, I won’t bite too hard” (tip) Dragon

 HINT: “I am well guarded by the strength of the serpent” (tip) Dragon

8. Egoxentrikax
 HINT: “Under the care of Anna”

9. Hot Stuff
 HINT: “hey you bich!
– You talk to me? is “Bichita” for you, darling”

 HINT: “Ask Antonella, she knows ( body area)”

 HINT: “like the song of JLO ft. Pitbull ( shoes area)”

10. Renee India
 HINT: “Retro Maxi got your back”

 HINT: “Retro Maxi got your back”

12. Mind Games Fashion

 HINT: *Points down* OMG, is that thing free?

13. Decadent Courtesan
 HINT: “By the pale of the Moonlit night”

14. Earth’s Bangles
 HINT: “Green light 1 2 3…”

 HINT: “Men, It is what is is…”

18.  Katitudes and Boneisms
(Once you land, walk towards fountain (center) and then to the left)

 HINT: “May the force be with you..”

19. Sugar & Cyanide
 HINT: “I’d like to request a song”

 HINT: “Come here.. gimme some tongue”

20. Bound & Bitten
 HINT: “Haunted Lovers picnics, so Spooky!”

25. Kat Skratch Fever
 HINT: “Ring My Bell Baby!” (tip) service bell

26. Blah.BLAH.Blah
 HINT: “With this ill look really sharp” (tip) Head wear

27. Wolf’s Designs
 HINT: “Sit back and Relax and Let us sink our teeth into you”

 HINT: “Pitching a Tent is ever so innocent in this hunt”

29. Le Forme
   HINT: “Up the stairs…”

30. Earthly Delights
 HINT: “By the butterflies”

The end
(Visit & See)

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