Nirvana Projects

Staying busy on the grid…

Best Foot Forward

Apply Inworld @ Earth’s

Start: Sept 22nd
Ends: Oct 6th
Hunt: $6L
Application deadline: (Extended) July 31st


  1. PB Designs
  2. Toxic High
  3. Akeana’a Architecture
  4. Nefeli’s Gestures
  5. Earth’s
  6. Sour Pickles
  7. Slave
  8. Isis Boutique
  9. The Happy Hat
  10. Spike Devil
  11. Flash Friendly Poses
  12. Black Cat Bones
  13. West Coast Influenced
  14. Blah Blah Blah
  15. Nomiki’s Creations
  16. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
  17. Lyrical B!zarre Templates
  18. Icarus
  19. Loordes of London
  20. ThatChick
  21. EBDesign
  22. Artic Storm
  23. Prism Women’s Clothing
  24. Inclination
  25. Brandy’s Boutique
  26. Evaki
  27. Elegance By Elysa
  28. Roots & Wings Gallery
  29. Katitudes & Boneisms
  30. LockHearts
  31. Dinki-Di
  32. Lutricia’s Luxuries
  33. Tattoo Paradise
  34. Dressed by Lexi
  35. U-Refined
  36. Sin Original
  37. Frutie Cuties
  38. [PC] Pixel Creations
  39. Dondi’s Doodads
  40. [HTxDZ]
  41. B-UniQ
  42. MC Fashion
  43. BSD Design Studio
  44. Image Essentials
  45. [S]tiletto Style
  46. Styles By Danielle
  47. Rainbow Gallery & Cattery

* PLEASE check to make sure spelling is correct minus special characters unless they play a crucial part in spelling.  Ex. (:::’My Store'::::) – will just appear as My Store. I will however attempt to honor any capitalization. Spelling will appear the same way in the new box of landmarks. If your store is NOT here, chances are you have not sent me the required items (Logo & Landmark). Please make a note to do that and title the NC (Your Name Logo & LM) – if NC is NOT titled this way, it will get lost! Once received, I will add name to list.

If your name needs correcting, fill out form below. ONCE! Trust me I get the submissions :)

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