In this new, unique series, couple Earth and Shon Nirvana-Charisma present an interesting, fun twist on the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Earth and Shon blend their loves of design, fashion, and storytelling to present CharACTING!

Each new “episode” of CharACTING offers the reader great treats:

1- A short dossier of a character
2- The “design” of that character, complete with look and fashion
3- A short story that situates the character in a moment in his or her life

Earth kicks off the fun as she “discovers” a new character, sets the stage for his or her life, and designs the character’s look before passing off dossier and character to Shon to pen a story uniquely written for just that character.

Male. Female. Kid. Adult. Mysterious. Comedic. Anything goes, and with the minds of these two, anything WILL go!

CharACTING premieres in September 2014!

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