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Sign - My Store Logo - Earth's 2014

[EARTH’S] A small shop dedicated to the production & distribution of costume & fashion accessories. You can find contemporary and vintage pieces with cultural identities. In addition to jewelry, [EARTH’S] offers a range of products from handbags to manicures, and now home decor all for the $50L or below price.

Below are items offered @ [EARTH’S] either inworld or on marketplace


[Jewelry] - AF Spikes w/ Color & Texture HUD [Jewelry] - Bea Dazzles w/ Color HUD
[Jewelry] - Whimsical - XO's [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Rube's Cube
[Jewelry] - Whimsical - Save Me [Jewelry] - Whimsical - Stay Thirsty
[Necklace & Earrings] - Ada Ele [Jewelry] - Between Gray
[Jewelry] - Honey Bee w/ Color HUD [Jewelry] - Rhodium w/ Color HUD
[Piercings] - Pride (Unisex) [Piercings] - Lover w/ Color HUD
[Piercings] - Star w/ Color HUD [Piercings] - Geek w/ Color HUD
[Piercings] - Psycho w/ Color HUD [Piercings] - Boobies w/ Color HUD
[Jewelry] - Big As Ankhs w/ Color HUD


[Apparel] - Blazee Short w/ Color HUD [Apparel] - Shesexual w/ Texture HUD
[Apparel] - Kiss Me w/ Texture HUD [Apparel] - Bowie Nu w/ Color HUD
[Sh*ts & Giggles] - Unisex Snake Drawls


[Home Goods] - Comfy Condiments - Ketch Up/Mustard [Home Goods] - Inspirational Cannisters w/ texture change
[Home Goods] - Boo Bottles w/ Texture HUD [Home Goods] - Be Yourself - Shelf Decor
[Home Goods] - Love Bottles w/ HUD [Home Goods] - Relax, Read & Release w/ Color & Texture HUD
[Home Goods] - Java Chat v.1 [Home Goods] - Game On! Table
[Home Goods] - A Knife, A Pumpkin & Us w/ Color HUD


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